Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh what a day...

It started out really well.

Great workout.

Great run.

Great lunch.

I juiced.

I took care of some work.

Then it went downhill.

Abs left her door open, so Sammy went in her room and tore apart her rice heat pack.  All over the place.  He got a hold of the daddy doll, but luckily didn't damage it too much.  He ate a sponge.  Knocked over a coffee cup and broke it.

Someone put potato peels in the sink, and I didn't notice and down into the garbage disposal they went.  So the sink backed up.  The garbage disposal doesn't work, and it's leaking underneath the sink.  I plunged and worked on it, then gave up.

Em showed up and is back to her old ways of being more interested in the social aspect of school than the academics.  She lost her phone and ipod.  She's in her room, redoing her homework and making up all the missing assignments that she hasn't done.

Abs came home.  She had no problems sitting down and doing her homework.  I'm sitting there feeding her more hamburgers, and trying to figure out what is different.  She cut her hair.  She had a hair pretty in it, but couldn't get it out, so rather than cut the hair pretty, she cut off 5 inches of her hair.  A giant chunk.  Right in the front. 

I figure everyone is in their room, so I go get Junior.  I walk in to find out that he pooped in his pants, got upset, and bit the teacher.  They want a conference this week. I think they want to give him a boot.  I'm sending Gunner, I can't deal with it.  He's not a violent kid, I don't know why he does it. 

I know why mothers runaway and I am headed in that direction.  I don't even want to think about a deployment in mere months and having to deal with this all by myself.  I quit.


cj said...

What's that line? Mama told me there'd be days like this? Wish I could give you fewere of them and more of the hassle free ones!

One word of caution, and please feel free to ignore me if I'm being a no-it-all. You need to keep an eye on Sammy to make sure he's pooping okay from here out. Sponges can cause blockages. Also, keep on eye on his drinking and eating; if he stops either, you might want to get him checked.

I know; fun, fun, fun. It never stops.

You're in my thoughts!


dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

Well, that sounds like a helluva day. Way beyond the statute of reasonable bs. I'm sorry :( I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.

S said...

wow. I hope this day was just a fluke and won't happen again. I'm sorry.

Julie the Army Wife said...

I'm sorry :(

Somehow I think we get an extra surge of patience the second they deploy. What seemed so impossible is suddenly something we are able to handle.

The Mrs. said...

ever watch that show on abc the middle? my kids arent exactly like that but for some reason it makes me laugh. you should watch it on hulu.

hang in there. and remember... at 18 they move out. : )

email if you need to.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, hang in there. Maybe during the deployment they'll settle down some.