Friday, April 23, 2010

Deployment Question #11--Do you believe in the War?

Ignore the second poll, something is screwed up, just answer on the first one!

I figured some wouldn't want to answer this in the comments, so I made the poll.  If you want to answer in the comments, I would love to know why you feel one way or the other.  Just curious, as I send Gunner off yet again.

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Wiley said...

Yeah, I'm a proponent of both conflicts (as much as you can be a proponent when sending a loved one off to hell). Iraq was, in my mind, a just war that was terribly reasoned and 'justified' by our (collective Coalition) leadership. And Afghanistan... I have a feeling that the place will always be screwed, but just because it's hard is no excuse for quitting. But if we let places like Afghanistan fester, we'll never know peace in our time.