Monday, April 26, 2010

Deployment Question #13--What do you eat?

First deployment, it was just me, and I would make the same thing every week, a gigantic pot of bean soup and eat off it for a week.  Talk about a cheap grocery budget!

Second one, we had the girls, and I cooked.

Third one, I discovered cereal.

Fourth, we ate a lot of mac and cheese.

This time I am hoping someone has some cheap, easy, kid friendly recipes that I can make.

I still have cereal on the back burner.

Oh, here's my easy kid friendly recipe that my kids gobble up and it takes about 1 minute to make and is healthy!  I boil water in the tea pot, make a packet of instant oatmeal.  Then I add a small container of fat free yogurt, some wheat germ or flax seed, and thicken it up with baby cereal with added DHA, etc.  If I have time, I'll heat up some milk instead of water, but that requires me to watch it more so it doesn't burn.  The kids think it tastes like custard, and I don't feel bad feeding it to them.

I also have been known to serve yogurt with granola and wheat germ mixed in.

Junior is allergic to eggs or I might serve scrambled eggs every night.

What are your go to meals while they are deployed.  (I highly recommend the cereal!)


Briar Rose said...

Last deployment I had a picky 2 year old so we ate a lot of chick fil a and mcdonalds. This time though she thankfully isn't as picky and will eat chicken that I cook and pancakes. So we might be doing a lot of pancakes and easy stuff like that!

stacie-marie said...

last deployment it was just me but I was working about 50-55 hours a week so it was a lot of fast food more thant I would like to admit... this deployment unfortunately again it is just me but now we are in Germany and im not working an dplan on ding school while he is gone so since it is gold here 80% of the year I plan on doing a lot of like soups and things

Amy said...

We actually try to eat the same types of things as when my husband is home. It helps that none of my 3 kids are picky eaters though too.

I cook all of my meals on Sunday though (lots of casserole type dishes) and then during the week I can pull out what we want to eat.

It makes dinner time a lot less hectic when we're trying to run out the door for sports 4 out of 5 nights a week.

ABW said...

I wish my kids would eat casseroles or something similar. Abs doesn't like food mixed together at all. Makes cooking difficult!

Jenn B said...

I've only had one D so far, and it was just me and the dogs...but I ate a lot of biscuits (those frozen single serve ones) with jam. Or cereal.

Dawna said...

In all honesty? I don't remember that we even ate in past deployments. I'm certain that we did, but it was nothing terribly memorable.

So far, this deployment, we've eaten Stoffer's quite a few times. I think I've cooked a couple of times too. We've also eaten out more than we usually do when Dh is here. We did grill out with our neighbors last night, too, so I guess that could be considered "cooking" on my part, right? lol

Basinah said...

Anything I can cook from frozen on my indoor grill. Hamburger patties, frozen pizza crusts (grilled, then topped), grilled cheese, chicken breasts.
Anything that requires advanced planning & thought seems to be too much, doesn't it?
If I am particularly ambitious then the slow cooker, and like you on your first D, I just eat the same thing for a week.

Mominem said...

Toast is a meal. Anyone who doesn't think so doesn't deserve dinner! LOL This is my single son's first deployment. I like to cook for a crowd - but for just two people - not so much.

Abbey said...

A #2 at Wendy's, a #4 at Jack in the Box, and a #7 at McDonalds. Ha! Just kidding. Something easy, that cooks in less the 30 minutes and has easy cleanup are my go-to meals. The less ingredents, the better. The kids aren't liking veggies too much right now so I am trying to figure out ways to get that in there more.

Wishing you all love, peace, and happiness! said...

lots of salad and grilled chicken. So many varietes it doesn't get boring!

S said...

lots of breakfast for dinner eg. pancakes or cereal. The kids used to get a hot lunch at school, so why cooking big as well, I opted for pancakes or easy noodle dishes. I have picky eaters too, and I so wished they would eat mac'n'cheese but no, they don't like PBJ sandwiches either, so I guess they are just "europeanized", lol.
Oh, another one would be sandwich bites. (cut the sandwiches in little pieces with toothpicks stuck to them, the kids loved it)

Wiley said...

I had never consumed cereal past midday until this deployment. Oh, how the mighty do fall! I usually just end up with a frozen meal or a sandwich. I am all about quick & easy. Sometimes on a weekend I'll cook up a giant bowl of chilli or pasta or soup and freeze it down into portions, but that doesn't happen as often as it should.

AW1 Tim said...

I'm a single father with an 11 year old daughter at home. My son is deployed in Afghanistan. I've been letting my 23 year old daughter stay at home until she can get a better job, as most of her current pay goes to college loan repayments.
Regardless: I make mac&cheese from scratch. It's VERY easy to do and needs just two pots and a glass casserole dish. I add chopped fresh spinach to the mix before it's baked. Goes a LONG way.
For pancakes, I buy a big box of Jiffy Mix. All you need to do is add water, and it's MUCH better than the pancake mixes out there. You can also use it to make drop biscuits to go with soup or stews, etc.
I buy a bag of frozen chopped red & green peppers, and add that to my spaghetti sauce. The kid doesn't know she's eating vegetables.
We also eat lots of Ramen. Sigh.
Meatloaf is also VERY easy. If you can play with PlayDough, you can make meatloaf. I mixing bowl and one pan for baking is all you need.

Joannafesto said...

We don't have kids and my husband eats huge amounts of food, so when he leaves I usually join Weight Watchers or Ediets. I eat lots of Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice dinners, Boca Burgers, Curly's BBQ, and no-fat, low-fat everything, fresh fruits and vegtables. I cook a lot when he is home, but I hate cooking for just me.