Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Happy Medium?

I've stayed home.

I've worked.

I've worked part time.

I am thankful that I always have the option because the one thing I am good at is managing my money so I can have this flexibility.

We still vacation.

We still go out and do things.

But I never seem to be able to find the happy medium with just enough challenging work and just enough time at home?  Is it possible to find that place?

I loved teaching, but it's a lot of work and with Gunner leaving this year, I don't think I can give it 110% and that wouldn't be fair to my students.  I'm the teacher that never calls in sick, that spends hours on each lesson, that puts everything she can into it.  When I had my inlaws to help me out during the week and on the weekends, it made it possible for me to do it.

Sometimes I think I can do it by myself here, and other times I realize how much I really have on my plate.

I do have a MBA, so I could go back into the business world, which wouldn't be bad, but the thought of 8-5 and not a lot of breaks or holidays means I am back away from the kids more than I like when their dad is already gone.  The plus side is that I would rarely have work to take home with me.

I have sold things on ebay and paid for our last trip to Hawaii that way, so I could always go back to doing that.  The key is to finding your niche on there.

But, part of me wants more than all of that.

If you can figure out what I should do with my life, please let me know, I am tired of stressing about it.


Julie the Army Wife said...

Oh I can relate to this. My kids are 3 & 5 so if I wasn't having another baby the end of the year I think I would be thinking hard about what to do. I would love a job where I loved what I did, but also had flexible hours. I use to sell on Ebay and did good with that so I am thinking for now that might be the thing to do. I just have to jump back into it :)

dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

You and me both. I wish someone would have warned me about that aspect of becoming a parent, how hard it is to make and then feel good about decisions like that. It's really hard to let go of the stinkin' guilt sometimes. Ugh.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think you should do whatever makes you the most happiest and will/can work with your upcoming schedule.

Wife of a Sailor said...

This is what makes me wonder how we'll get by when we have kids and Huzzy is deployed. I think I'll need to work to bring in the paycheck but I'd love to stay home with kids.

Luckily, in about 10 years (so our kids who have not yet been born won't be too old), Huzzy will retire and be a stay at home dad!

Anonymous said...

Read _The Pathfinder_ by Nicholas Lore.