Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

Every time we leave Garden of the Gods, we always drive by this place that has a bunch of cars parked out front.  We finally went there today, and it was beautiful!

Looking across the way to Garden of the Gods.  

Important features:  1.  It's free.  2.  The trails are wide, and although not paved, you can push a jogging stroller on them  3.  Free parking  4.  Not as busy as Garden of the Gods  5.  It's beautiful  6.  You can scramble no more than 10 feet from the base of the rock formations, which allows you to get some great shots.  You can't scramble at GotG.  7.  Very peaceful  8.  We saw hikers, bikers, runners, rock climbers.  We fell under the category of parents of children obsessed with sticks.

Abs decided she wanted to be in every picture because she wants to be blogged about more.  If the girl only knew she gave me enough material for a lifetime.  

We tried to get pictures of all three of them, but that wasn't so easy.  

Yes, Em was wearing her uggs, not exactly conducive to hiking.  Maybe one day she'll listen?  

It wouldn't be an adventure without at least one unhappy camper.  Upset over.....a stick.

BTW, I have that jacket in every size because it was less than $3, so he better like it!

Em doesn't look so sure about this picture.  She insisted that we already had one picture of the two of them touching, that we didn't need a second.  Sisterly love.

My two favorite boys.

A view of Pikes Peak from the trail.

We'll definitely be back, and I think I will take Junior there sometime soon on a run so we can test how the jogging stroller works out there.  Can't wait to return!


Mel said...

Wow! Beautiful! That's one thing that I don't like about Minnesota - no really great hiking.

Thanks for sharing.

Wife of a Sailor said...

Wow... that's gorgeous! I can't wait to do hiking around here in Washington and get to know my new state :)

Brandi said...

Sounds like a really fun trip!! And BTW, Junior is just too cute in that camo jacket!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Sounds like it was a great spot!

Wishing you all love, peace, and happiness! said...

Whats great is there is also a dog park connected if you have dogs. One of many in the Springs!