Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday was rough.

I got a ticket.  The speed limit on the street is 45, I was going 41, but I was in a construction zone with NO WORKERS, but apparently that doesn't matter in Colorado, so the speed limit was 30.

Not only did I get a ticket, I got 4 points (how many till I get in real trouble?), and I HAVE to appear in court.  I'm planning on taking toys that the kids can "share" cause we know how that will work.  We have to be there 2-3 hours too.  On FB someone suggested tambourines and I thought whistles might be a nice addition.  If I don't show up, they'll put a warrant out for my arrest.

I thought about how nice and quiet it might be in jail with no responsibilities, no laundry, dishes, dog walking, cleaning, or people yelling my name.  Very tempting...

Junior's last day at his school is Friday.  Don't ask.  We'll take the summer off and I am looking into some better places.

I had a friend come down from Denver last night and today we spent the morning touring the Air Force Academy.  I would have had pictures, but I lost my camera battery.  I told the kids we are cleaning till we find it this weekend.

Gunner's flight got screwed up because the Army is so disorganized got delayed, so he wasn't going to be able to do the triathlon.  I emailed the cadet in charge to see if I could transfer his entry over to someone, and they went ahead and canceled it and gave him a refund, but they also canceled mine.  It was probably a good thing, because nothing is worse than doing a race alone!  I'm still extremely disappointed.

Abs has gone over a week without being written up.  A new trend? We can only hope.  At least she hasn't gone missing.


Allison @ I heart Change said...

Maybe Abs had some time to think in that suitcase and that's why she hasn't been written up this week.

Sucks about the ticket. I think you should give them tambourines and chewing gum.

Ashley said...

Your blog always makes me laugh! I love my seemingly monthly run-ins with the law due to little technicalities...glad to know I am not alone!

Melissa Andersen said...
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Melissa Andersen said...

Life just sucks sometimes, huh? Sorry to hear...

You probably don't really want this information right now, but the future lawyer in me can't help it.
Here's the important paragraph on the traffic violation point system in the Army:

(f) Persons whose driving privileges are suspended or revoked (for one violation or an accumulation of 12 traffic points within 12 consecutive months, or 18 traffic points within 24 consecutive months) will be notified in writing through official channels (634.11). Except for the mandatory minimum or maximum suspension or revocation periods prescribed by table 51 of this part, the installation commander will establish periods of suspension or revocation. Any revocation based on traffic points must be no less than 6 months. A longer period may be imposed on the basis of a person's overall driving record considering the frequency, flagrancy, severity of moving violations, and the response to previous driver improvement measures. In all cases, military members must successfully complete a prescribed course in remedial driver training before driving privileges are reinstated.

Read more:

Anyway, I hope this helps. Now, I'll go back to throwing proverbial rotten eggs at the Army and it's stupid procedures.

Sarah said...

Never heard of a state making you appear, but hey, maybe you can get it reduced since you're in person?

Wife of a Sailor said...

WHAT?! Four points and a "must appear" or get a bench warrant for going 4mph under or 11mph over)?! That's insane! And s/he didn't even give you a break? That's dumb!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh that sucks about the ticket! Hopefully you can get it cleared up in court!