Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deployment Question #15--Can I go too?

I secretly wish I could deploy.

After yesterday I would have been ready to go in less than 10 minutes.  

Once Gunner told me "I'll take a bad day over no day at all."  Some days that will get me through, but other days I just want a break.

How many times when they have been gone have you just wanted to runaway?

I know there's no way I am the only one.  

P.S.  I am still pissed at the Army.


Dawna said...

You are, by no means, alone in that. Especially when they are away... I know that I tell my eldest kids, at least once a week, if not many times more that I'm ready to run away.

They're 13 and 16 and know that I won't, but there are times of great frustration that I think I would, if I could.

I'm so sorry to hear that your plans were messed up and that you're out the money... :-( I hope things, somehow, get better for you!

Wiley said...

Yeah, more than a few. But mostly I wish I could have deployed with DM. I loved my deployment to Iraq (yeah, I'm sick) and I miss having such an impact. Then I think about all the things I'd have to organise to go anywhere and the feeling passes.

Melissa Andersen said...

I'm going through my first deployment. One of the advantages I have over some is that I started law school a few months before he deployed; this means a couple of things: A) we were apart for many months even before he left for the sandbox, B) I am insanely busy with school and have less time to stare at the clock with bated breath, and C) I'm not on a post somewhere; rather I'm with my family and his family while we go through this together. I think all of these factors make it a little easier. Not to say that I don't hate the Army sometimes, because I certainly do.

To answer your question, No. I've never felt that way. Give me another deployment or two and I might change my vote.
(Although I do miss the physical contact so I wouldn't mind visiting for a weekend.)

Erin said...

I have been secretly jealous of my husband. It may be crappy but he gets to see places many people don't. Like when he was in Iraq he saw babylon. If you ignore the fact that he was getting shot at and mortarted, I think that is pretty cool.

Jessica said...

you are so not alone...

AFSister said...

I am with Erin!

My husband has seen a LOT of amazing things and places... things and places I will never get to see. Sometimes I do get jealous. He goes on a lot of short trips rather than long deployments. He'll call me and say "GUESS WHERE I'M GOING!!!" and I'll say.. "SHUT UP. I MEAN IT. Because if you're THAT excited about it, it means it's somewhere I would want to go but will never have the chance."

Plus there are the times when he's gone and the kids melt down, the dryer breaks, the bathroom floods, and who knows else what- all in the same week.. and all I want to do is run away but I can't.

I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know I am NOT alone!

Joannafesto said...

I am an old Army wife with no children, and honey, I have felt this way SO many times when my husband is gone. When they discovered termites in the garage last week -- I just wanted him HOME, if nothing more than to share the whole marital bonding experience with me. My husband was ONLY a way at a language school and not in harm's way (which is where he will be in about month).

Last June my Dad passed away, and I cannot tell you how grateful I was that my husband was simply home. Other wives take it for granted that when a tragedy occurs their husbands will be home. It is different when you are a military wife.

S said...

oh geez, I think there were times where I wished it at least once a week.

Anonymous said...

all too often, I, too, want to run away.
We are 4 months and 2 weeks into our 2nd deployment, and sometimes i think i am going to lose it before the other 7 1/2 months are over!
This deployment the hubby is stop lossed.
as you can imagine, i am pissed at the army as well. :)