Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gunner's Silver Linings

After Gunner read my post, he had his own ideas on the silver linings of deployments from his end.

--Not finding an empty bottle of shaving cream because someone used it to shave their legs.

--He gets more sleep, sometimes.

--He gets boxes and letters, it's like Christmas.


--Using what he has been trained to do.

--No decisions on what he has to wear 24/7.

--Someone does his laundry and doesn't complain about it.

--Saves money on shampoo because he shaves his head.

--He knows where everything is, because it is the last place he left it.  No one has touched it.


--A sense of accomplishment.

Does your husband have any other silver linings?


Mrs. G said...

I love this! I'll have to ask my husband the same question.

Megan (Sis B) said...

Unlimited video games during his down time with no one else complaining.

uk said...

Funny--you don't shave your legs!

The Mrs. said...

money money money money

did i mention money.

but other than that hes afraid to say there is any upside to ever leaving us. Then I'll pounce and say "see! there is an upside!" and never let him live it down.

The Household 6 Diva said...

This is a great list!

I especially liked the shaving cream - too funny! :)

Candace @ArmyWives'Lives said...

His first one cracked me up... I totally do that to my husband! Although he hasn't expressly said as much to me, I definitely think my DH finds deployment simpler for a lot of reasons. Not that he doesn't adore me and our children--but just that it can be more clear how he deals with other soldiers in the chain of command and his duties and responsibilities. At home, things are more complex...though not necessarily better or worse.