Saturday, July 24, 2010

Peace? Or not so much...

Having two girls, I spend a huge amount of my time shopping for back to school clothes.

I look for things that are age appropriate--not always easy to do.

Cover their bodies--I call it in the arm test, they have to be able to lift their arms and not bare their entire body.

Jeans don't need to be cut so low that I got a flash of crack every time.

They need to fit well, be comfortable, and hopefully priced reasonably.

The one trend that I don't get, is this.....


Those were from Justice 4 girls, but don't worry, it's everywhere, like at the Children's Place, where I can usually find cute clothes for Junior and Abs.

You get the picture.  I totally get the whole "retro look", but I guess what I can't get over is that at one time the peace symbol stood for being "anti-war", and our family isn't anti-war.  We're getting ready to ship Gunner off again to Afghanistan, and I just can't get on board with this trend.

I'm probably just overreacting, and maybe people don't view the peace symbol in the same light that I do.  

But, my kids won't be wearing them to school this fall.


Mel said...

I've also heard people say it's a secular alternative to religion and therefore represents a broken cross.

Neither of those symbols sits well with me and there are many other wonderful trends out there to follow.

You're not alone!

Magnolias and Mimosas said...

You know, in general, I'm really not bothered by it. But, I get what you're saying. Having said that, you don't see anything around my house with a peace sign (but I also attribute that to the fact I'm not a teenage girl!)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I feel about the peace sign or anti-war sign (as you call it) because, though i read your blog and support your husband and our troops, I don't support this war. But this is not a place for politics.

Regarding the clothes, they're just ridiculous. Do kids today really "like" the peace sign? It's obviously overused and not being used in a "cool" way anyway. I highly respect the arm test and making sure crack isn't being exposed all the time. Having elementary and middle school girls dress like hoochies just isn't acceptable in my book. And any mother that lets her daughter dress like that is a dirty whore.

Uncle Dan said...

I support our Military as well as our country, that does not include the administration that is power right now. Throw the bums out.

Anyone who comments but won't use their name is protected by the same rights that I have to disagree with them.

Birdie said...

I'm a bit of a weird Army Wife I guess in that I was raised by hippies lol. Every generation of my family has served, including uncles in Vietnam where I guess it became an anti-war logo. I occasionally do wear the peace sign, but it's because I wish that we lived in a peaceful world, where deployments didn't rob me of years with my man. I get your view though, my best friend (another army wife) refuses to put the symbol on her daughter or herself for the same reason you do.

The Wifey said...

I am going through the same shopping problem now that my oldest will be starting school. My problem is she is tall but skinny so I have to check everything before we leave the store.

I saw that trend and my daughter doesn't really like them so I don't have to worry about it right now. I am sure when there are new trends I will be having to worry about it.

Good luck with your back to school shopping.

USNchic said...

It's just a trend, not a statement. I get what you're saying though. Maybe it's because I didn't exist in the 70's, but I've never even considered that a peace symbol could be offensive. What decent person doesn't want peace?

It's Something Beautiful said...

I have never really looked at the peace sign as an anti-war statement although like USNchic, I never existed during the 70's so maybe that's why. But I do find this trend to be a little over the top.

cj said...

I am, of course, with you on all of this.

I remember the anti-war protests of the 70's and I remember the violence committed by those peaceful 'anti-war' people. I would never wear a peace sign when we have troops fighting for our freedom.

We've become a society of symbols over substance. People wear ribbons to show their concern and to feel good about themselves but too few of those people actually do anything to fix things.

I get tired of it all.


lola said...

First and foremost, THANK YOU for not allowing your kids to dress/look like skanks. I seriously don't know when it started, but I am just appalled at the things I see kids in these days!

Second, I'm with you on the peace signs stuff. Deep down, I know it isn't [well, I hope it isn't] meant to be a "statement" but it still really grates my nerves when I see it.

Julie the Army Wife said...

I have seen stuff for women from Old Navy and I just don't feel comfortable wearing it. I want peace as much as anyone but when I see that symbol all I really think about is "Anti-war." Even if that is no longer what it is. I am not sure how I feel about this war and just want it to be over but I am not Anti-war in general and would feel very strange about it with a husband fighting in one too.

Lemon Stand said...

Amen on all counts.

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

I applaud you for wanting to dress your girls age appropriate. I see so many young GIRLS out there and think what were the parents thinking of letting them wear that?!?! And it's sad that clothing companies put it out there as well.

Marilyn Sue said...

To me the peace sign means, let's try for a world where we turn to to conversation before weapons. It symbolizes striving for an ideal. I want to live in a world where our troops do not have to do so many combat tours. I have a friend who is a civilian in a high position with the military with clearances. Her husband is on his umpteenth combat tour. Her house is filled with various peace symbols. Like you all, she really understands what that means.You are opposite on this symbol and probably on your politics, but you are both sisters. I salute you!

McMGrad89 said...

Well, I know the sign originally came from anti war demonstrations, but the one thing I think we as military family members can consider wearing it for is a symbol of hope, hope that one day you don't have to say goodbye to your loved ones anymore. In the meantime, we know you love and support your man and the cause that he is working for.

PS - good luck with the back to school shopping. I haven't even begun.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with McMGrad89 and Marilyn Sue and Birdie. I am an Army wife of almost 10 years and we are heading into deployment #7 over 6 months and countless short trips. I have a Peace sticker on my car. I pray for peace every day. I hate this war, I think it is wrong and I want my husband around for at least a few months. That's why I have no problem with the peace symbol.
HOWEVER, I have a huge issue with it being used so flippantly on clothes and agree with you about it being too much for girl's clothes.
Sorry this was so late, it's been a crazy month and I'm catching up on my Google Reader.