Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

My MIL should be here in a few hours.  She was originally just coming to say goodbye to her son, but now she gets to help in the fun of moving, or watching the grandkids.  

The boxes are almost all packed.

Paper plates and plastic cups have resurfaced.

The truck is reserved.

Gunner has recruited A buddy.  Yes, ONE buddy.  I'm hoping he is strong as an ox.

Just a cute picture of my boy from our trip to Utah.

Arches National Park

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It's Something Beautiful said...

Aww such a cute picture!!

Good luck with the moving. I'll keep my fingers crossed that his friend is as strong as an ox haha.

annoyed army wife said...

Good luck with everything! Cute photo! Arches is so beautiful - we spent a vacation in Southern Utah and were amazed with the scenery.