Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MyCAA changes--Right or Wrong?

Read here.

So it covers E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2.

Think it is wrong?  Right?

Should people get extra money just because they don't make as much?  Do people that make more money be more responsible with their money and spend it on education, or are they deserving of it as well?

Who can decide who deserves it more?

Should they just get rid of it altogether if no one is going to be happy?

Do they assume that those spouses married to those ranks aren't educated?  If they are, should they be allowed to use the money?

Should it only be for undergraduate, or should it cover graduate degrees as well?


Anonymous said...

Okay, so that kinda sucks as my hubs just got promoted so now I am no longer eligible! GGGRRR!!! I've been working on school for 7 years since I graduated and the Army does not help with it at all with these moves and everything so let's make it harder.

Sorry. Thanks for posting this.

USNchic said...

I'm not very familiar with MyCAA. I served 4 years active duty, so I used my GI Bill.

I am also a MilSpouse, and I would never expect my husband's employer (military or civilian) to pay for me to go to college. I don't think anyone should feel that they are entitled to money for college because of what their husband does for a living.

d.a.r. said...

I think it is absolutely incredible that this program is available at all. If my husband were a civilian, I certainly wouldn't expect his boss/employer to pay for my education.

However---it is pretty shitty that it is only available to certain paygrades, and I'm not just saying this because I would be elimiated from the program--my education is done!!

Erin said...

I am probably biased since I am losing my eligibility. I understand that lower pay grades have a greater need for aid, but I think a graduated scale would have been better.

Amy said...

I wasn't really surprised at the changes as I think they were very generous with the original policy and it was probably being taken advantage of.

However, I actually just completed using my funds from the original program ($6000) so ultimately the changes don't affect me.

dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

I don't know...I don't have a problem with it, but then I never used it to start with. I felt like I would have been taking advantage when others need it more (I already have one degree, and we have money saved).

I agree with d.a.r. and USNchick, I ordinarily would never have expected help, although my (not) finishing my degree here is very much determined by the possibility that we'll be moving again. It is a definite disadvantage to military life.

Anonymous said...

LAW had some good comments on this on her blog:

Radiant Readhead said...

I have to agree with the fact that military spouses are priveelged to recieve even this! no other employer will pay for a SPOUSES education. I, unfortunately do not fall under these categories, but am not upset about it. the higher ranks get the shft on a lot of things (they have a prorated for the disney resort. the higher ranked you are, the more expensive the stay) but that is what happens when you make more money than others.
The military has soooooo many great benifits, i am glad they offer it at all! and i HOPE beyond HOPE that the spuses take advantage of it before thier soldiers get promoted!

The Mrs. said...

hmmm does this put me in the minority here because to me it makes sense that it's directed towards specific ranks. Specific ranks that do make less money. The money should go first and foremost to those that need the money, like it or not we don't all make the same amount of money {sucks doesnt it}.

Mrs. Bierschenk said...

I understand the intent of the program but I don't understand the paygrades, entirely, that it is directed at. Speaking from the O2 point of view, O2s have a degree, and most of the O1-O2 wives I know have a degree as well...now if that was available to use on a graduate degree it makes sense but again not the intent.

I agree with The Mrs. financial need should be assessed just as it is with federal or state issued financial aid (fafsa?)

Mrs. Bierschenk said...

bahahah just came up with another question, does this mean it is going to pay for my next certification tests? or just my education to prepare for the tests?

silver star said...

Like some of the others have said, civilian employers don't pay for a spouse's degree, so why should the military? As the wife of a Reservist, I don't qualify, so like every other civilian out there, I have to figure out how to pay for my education on my own. The associates degree I already have is going to waste, so who's to say my next degree won't do the same?

Anonymous said...

When I was first told about this acct, I thought it was a joke and didn't check into it for 6 months. I barely made it in time before they cut everyone off. I'm assuming it's open again for new enrollees?
All I know is, I'm a full time student and I'm taking the money and running. Hopefully empty it this semester and hold onto my other scholarship in my own bank acct.