Thursday, March 29, 2007

No orders and DQ update

DQ is fine. She came home with her arm in the sling, but all is well and you would never know that she got hurt. The sleeve of her shirt is torn though, but it just gives me one more thing to throw out and not have to move when we PCS!

DH still does not have orders. The lady told him that he might have had a change in his school date. He checked online and it still has the same date, so we are waiting to see. Of course she doesn't work on fridays. What the heck are we supposed to do? I had planned everything mistake for thinking things wouldn't change.....and now there are hotel reservations for our vacation, people going with us on the vacation that are counting on us, acting camps are planned, and there is the possibility that we will have to move a month or two into the school year. That just doesn't fly! I don't like the public schools, which means that I need to pay now to reserve my children's spot in private school and could potentially lose a lot of money. Very frustrating. There is no chance of working something out with the school because there is a waiting list to get in, and if I don't put money down by April 2nd we are SOL. What to do???

Right now I just want to cry, but instead I am cleaning and tossing, doing mountains of laundry, have the roomba running and trying to figure out what to do next. Dh's company is out in the field as of tomorrow, and he is supposed to be on leave next week and then leaving for school by the weekend. Sometimes I really hate the army....

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