Sunday, March 25, 2007

Starting Projects.....

and never finishing them seems to be my motto these days. A lot of it is because Junior wants to be held almost all day long and who am I to say no to that? Nothing is better than cuddling up with your baby and taking a nap while it is raining outside. I have a couple ragged edge quilts that I need to make, some baby items I want to get sewn as well. There are several items that I want to make for family members in addition to everything that I want to get done for my own! I have scrapbooks to make, quilts to sew, knitting to do, some cross stitching and today I ordered some more flannel to make a ragged edge quilt. Never mind that I have two other ones...wait, make that three....that I haven't completed. I guess I better start cranking this stuff out before we if I have nothing else to do!

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