Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Who designs these houses?

Since I married my DH, we have moved 6 times in 13 years. Not a big deal, I love to move, and I would really love to move somewhere else besides Texas for a little while so I could have a change of scenery.

Anyway, you would think that as many times as people move in and out of housing that they would design these houses to make it a lot easier. We just had Em's furniture delivered and it was a bunch of maneuvering around sharp corners and moving things around in order to get it to fit down the hallway. (I had a friend who lived in Hanau in the officer's quarters and this one set was gigantic and had massive hallways. I want that house now!

On the way in, the movers didn't secure the armoire door and it flew open and jammed into the driveway. This caused the doors to be misaligned and one of the doors was damaged. The mover noted that and said they would bring out a new armoire. I called Rooms To Go customer service immediately after they left and sure enough it was already in their computer system and they setup delivery to replace the damaged item. Woohoo! Finally a company that really does value customer service!

Junior is down for a nap and I guess it is time for me to start moving all of Emily's things back into her room. I have a class tonight and DH is in the field so the outlaws are coming over to watch the kiddos.

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Uncle Dan said...

If I remember correctly when I was doing housing for the Army back in the late 50's, they dictated the requirements. The higher the rank the larger and the better the housing.