Monday, October 8, 2007

Things I learned at the Dermatologist

Today Junior finally had his appointment with the dermatologist. After he greeted everyone in the lobby and all of the staff we were finally called back. In such a small area he went from his sweet little self to a little imp that wanted to get into everything. He really wanted to stick DH's car keys in the light sockets. We avoided that and he was more than happy to let the nurse take his picture for his files.

They said that we were doing the right things for his eczema. They do have one set of medication that is better and they gave us prescriptions for it, but suggested other things for us to try.

1. I didn't know that since he has eczema we should either put him in the tub and get him directly out or let him soak until he is a little old man. Anything in between is not good.

2. Their moisturizer of choice is.....CRISCO! Apparently it doesn't contain anything to be allergic to and it won't hurt them so we can always lather him in Crisco and then put on pajamas.

3. When you coat them with crisco or vaseline, put a set of wet pajamas on and then put a dry set on top of those and it will really help get that stuff down into his pores and end any dry skin.

4. When he has a bad break out of eczema we are to treat it and then wrap that body part (usually for him it is the arms and legs) in saran wrap and then put him in his pajamas.

I'm sure Junior is going to love all the scrapbook pages I can make out pictures of him dressed like this!


Anonymous said...

wet pajamas and then dry pajamas? surely you change him before he goes to bed...???

Anonymous said...

Too funny - I can't wait to see those wordless wednesday photos!:)

TripleE said...

I lather up E3 with Aquaphor (feels like Crisco), then pj's then bed. It seems to work well.
Yes, can't wait to see the pics :)