Saturday, April 26, 2008

April--Month of the Military Child

And I just happen to have three.
Fort Hood had a celebration on post today, so I ventured out with all three of the kiddos. We started out by picking up their free shirts and then over to pick up their free prize. They were happy.
They jumped in a jump house. Junior didn't like it. Em velcroed herself to a wall.

We had hotdogs for lunch. Popsicles for dessert. Chips. More ice cream--hey we are in Blue Bell country, you never pass up Blue Bell!

The girls participated in a wheelchair rodeo and won shirts and prizes. They met Miss Texas Wheelchair 2008 and got her autograph.
They threw footballs.
Em & Junior met Wonder Woman and Superman. Abs decided that they didn't look like real superheroes so she would pass because they were "weird".

We then headed over to the fire engine display and stayed forever. I let Junior out of the stroller and he was in heaven. The firefighters were from Fort Hood, and were GREAT! They were so nice and patient with Abs and Junior. (Em didn't want to do this part)

The girls got their faces painted.

In between we had two visits to the ambulance. The first time was because when we arrived Em opened the car door and whacked herself. She has a huge knot on her forehead. They gave her an ice pack and checked her over to make sure she was okay. We returned an hour later when Abs fell and skinned her knee.
We didn't win any door prizes, got a little bit too much sun, and we had one tantrum, but other than that we had a great time!


Kiki said...

Haha that velcro thing is awesome!

Heidi said...

Looks like Wonder Woman is about to show you more than her smile. I just love Abs and her comments . . . so funny she is!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about Wonder Woman Heidi. I was quite surprised- I could have sworn ABW said this was a family-friendly blog!

Tiff said...

WOW what fun!!! bruises and all!!!

Gunner said...

i didn't see any thing wrong with ww, but superman looks funny. lol.

Catherine said...

yeah, dont ever turn down Blue Bell. You never know when you may move someplace where you cant get any :(

Looks like a ton of fun!!! I dont remember anything this fun when I was a military child!

trying said...

Heres to the military child!

i'm just curious did you take em home with you or just leave her velcroed to the wall?

it looked like you guys had a blast! Your kids are just beautiful.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sounds like a fantastic day - knots, and skinned knees included! And what great pictures you captured! What an exciting day for your kids - I'm thinking they didn't have anything like that over here at Cannon ;)


Kasey said...

The velcro wall looks AWESOME!!