Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Making Progress

A while back I said that while Gunner was gone I was going to do three fun runs/walks/bike rides. My first one will be on the 4th of May! I'm excited, but also know that since I haven't been to the gym lately that I will be walking it.

If I can find care for the kids, I am doing a 25 mile bike ride on the 31st. Somehow the thought of pulling them in a trailer or trying to convince Em that riding 25 miles would be fun, is not appealing.

I tried to sub today but nothing was available so instead I am madly listing things on ebay.


Uncle Dan said...

Doesn't the school district have a Sub person who schedules that need?

T said...

Good for you girl! I had decided the same thing when my soldier left. Somehow I was talked into doing the MS150 (150 mile/2 day bike ride from Frisco to Ft. Worth). Whew! If you're gonna do these things, let me just recommend that you start small!

Good luck!