Friday, April 25, 2008

Compound Eyes

The girls are constantly leaving the door open and flies get in the house. Tis the season of the fly right now. Blech. I was chasing one around the house with a flyswatter this evening and Junior was laughing hysterically. My sweet Abs stated matter of factly "He finds it hilarious that you are trying to catch something that has compound eyes. Don't you know anything about compound eyes mommy?"

I smushed the little sucker. Compound eyes and all.


Uncle Dan said...

Out of the mouth of Babe's. She is showing her smarts, Mom.

MaryLu said...

Good for you, Mom!
Compound eyes indeed! The little smarty!

Anonymous said...

I hate flies.

TomboyWarrior said...

haha I am tired ... I just now realized what the picture was. Very nice.

And you're right, calculus does suck. (For further evidence refer to my latest post.)