Friday, April 25, 2008

A new kitchen

Gunner is in a location where they get one hot meal a day.

Not a big deal, he's used to it and he gets packages filled with things he can microwave. The Iraqis have a contract with a guy who cooks their meals and delivers them three times a day. The IA is not happy because they feel like the guy is serving them poor quality food and not enough of it. Fair enough.

So what's an Iraqi to do? They tell my husband that they want a kitchen. The command tells my husband that Santa Claus is dead and they need to go through their people.

So this morning my husband was IMing with me and working with the translator on getting things taken care of. Apparently the last team in there gave the IA everything that they wanted and now they expect that. The team Gunner is on, is supposed to cure them of that habit of expecting the Americans to pay for everything.

To make a point Gunner said that they had some of the IA come over for what they have been eating for "dinner". In the end, the outlook is not good and the IA will probably get a kitchen with the bare essentials. Maybe then they can serve hot meals to the Americans?


Uncle Dan said...

It's funny that the people of the world expect the American's to solve their problems as they do their dirty deeds against us. After all the U.S. has only been in existence a little over 200 years and their countries are much older.

trying said...

Fascinating. I wish him team luck in what they have on their plate. (wow that pun was not intended)

if his team can cure the iraqi's of thinking america will pay for everything maybe they can tackle the american public next!