Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One more thing...

One thing I don't like about Junior going to a clinic on post is that if come the afternoon he gets some ailment, our only choice is the ER. Daycare called today to tell me that he had pink eye. Great. I go pick him up at 3 and we head to the er while I try to get an appointment at the clinic. After giving them every bit of information on my husband they tell me they have a first available tomorrow at 1 p.m. I take it and continue on to the er.

We get to the er and it's pretty empty. Good thing since I have to get the girls before 6. We move through the er relatively fast--don't even get me started on the rude doctor. We get a prescription to have filled in the pharmacy downstairs. We race down there and wait in line so we can get a number and wait some more. Since family members are not first priority, we wait. They aren't even calling our classification of numbers. The lady next to me has been waiting 50 minutes and she is 10 numbers before me. The clock is creeping. The Soldier next to me told me to go get the kids and then come back and if I missed my number to tell them I was in the bathroom.

So Junior and I race down the hallway, through the er, to the car. We race over to the school, pickup the girls-Abs has decided her foot is broken and has to hop to the car. We head back to the er, run back to the pharmacy (Abs ran so I guess her foot was miraculously healed after I told her I was not going back to the er).....and we missed our number by 5 people. I saw an open counter and asked for the prescription and he luckily gave it to me.

So Junior will go to work with me tomorrow and hang out with my mom. Good thing he likes tortillas for our weekly mexican lunch.

Here's hoping that we can avoid the er for a while, but I better refill the sanitizer bottles in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you ever let the sanitizer bottles get empty ;)

Uncle Dan said...

It seems to one thing after another. I feel sorry for you and wish I could be of some help.

New Girl on Post said...

Thanks! I'll need some luck. :)

Gunner said...

Why is it that I always miss the drama. I wish I could be there to help. You are the best mom in the world. I love and miss you.

trying said...

oh the er. the bain of my existence! im always worried when i take them in there that we are going to end up with four new ailments. sigh and it never fails, we do!

i stocked up on sanitizer at bath and body works, they had some really cute little ones, perfect for the car, purse, and diaper bag. They smell nice and the boy thinks that they are bubbles so he's always begging to use them. my plan is working!

hang in there and enjoy your mexican lunch with junior.