Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lock up your valuables

Abs is in her "I can't sleep" phase again.

I remember having a conversation with her early this morning, but that's the extent of it--never a good thing.

When my alarm got up this morning I heard someone stirring.

I went and found Abs sitting quietly on the couch--a sign of trouble.

I sent her to go potty, and then went to check my email on my laptop. I found 5 games open and going. I checked to see how far along she was in Virtual Villagers, and luckily it didn't look like she had been playing more than an hour.

When I sent Abs back to go potty and get dressed, she danced all the way down the hallway...loudly. Some days I wish she had a mute button. I checked email and went back to her room to check on her and she was sitting naked on the floor playing legos. She also decided it was time for Em to wake up and she had flipped on her light.

I got her to get dressed and now she is brushing her hair and singing opera.

On Sunday, the girls made an advent calendar in Girl Scouts. They each glued a hershey's kiss to the calendar to open each day. Em walked out and asked where all her chocolate went. Abs of course has no idea what happened to them, so now Abs has lost her calendar to Em. Ab's response was "I just don't see the rationale in that." Ummmm....yeah....I don't see the rationale in half the stuff she does, but it doesn't stop her!

Em just came out in shorts. Apparently I am out to get her because her jeans are not clean. She claims that she only has one pair, not the 4 pairs that I have bought her. Considering that is is freezing outside, I vetoed the shorts and she is sulking in her room. I can hardly contain my excitement when I think of Em being a teenager and Gunner gone for a year and I have to figure her out on my own!

Junior is still asleep amazingly, but it is 5:40 am and now time to wake him up. He hates to have his pajamas taken off (I still put them on backwards), so morning time is always an adventure while I try to convince him that there is more in life than footie pajamas. Maybe that is what is missing from mine....


Gypsy at heart said...

What makes you think Gunner can figure out a teenage Em when he has yet to figure out you?

Uncle Dan said...

Yes, the gypsy is right, teenagers are hard for parents to figure out when all of those new hormones kick in. To contain C8, Ke uses, "I'm going to tell your Grandpa and he won't like it." That solves the situation as she doesn't want Grandpa to speak to lecture her in his quite way.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

forget the concept of trying to figure out teenagers -- accept that it just cannot be done. You can find coping skills, but you will never fully understand hehehe.

Once those hormones kick in, you will live with a child beset by multiple personalities... at least two of which are the happy smiling "all is right with the world" Em and then there is the "other" Em -- and you will never know in advance which one will emerge each morning or return each evening (sigh). But always remember that there is hope: our dual personality daughter is now a most pleasant, wonderful, engaging & beautiful person about to graduate from medical school.. Gunner would only be able to help so much (but it would be nice to have someone hold you back when that urge settles on you (and it will ;-)

The Mrs. said...

wow. life is never boring around there is it? my boys hate to be taken out of their jammies till they are good and ready, I think your right, they maybe on to something....