Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More tales from the other side....

Read here about my menagerie....I laughed and laughed.

I'm thinking about what I want for Christmas.

I think the germaphobic side of me wants one of those light wands that kills germs.

The practical side of me wants things for my classroom.

The non-practical side of me wants a day at the spa.

The realistic side of me just wants a day with a minimal level of catastrophes for me to clean up.

What's on your list?


Uncle Dan said...

Standing with y'all is on ours.

cj said...

It's good to hear you say you laughed. As trying as she may be, I sure hope you can see some of the humor in all those Ab situations...

Thanks muchly for sharing them with us.

As for Christmas - I'm honestly wishing for nothing more than a little room to breath.


Melissa said...

If you could have anything for your classroom what would it be?

I always want more nifty storage things in bright colours...also a set of giant microbes. :-)

The Mrs. said...

an answer from the Marine Corps althought I'm not sure what I really want the answer to be. sigh.

and maybe a baby, althought that might just be my heart talking and not my mind. sigh.

And that germ light wand sounds pretty rockin.

ABW said...

If I could have anything for my classroom, I would want someone to come organize me. I'd also want books for my library that had alarms so the kids wouldn't steal them. I'd take manipulatives, cool games, puzzles, and other things that add up. The list would be endless as I don't have much in my room.

Melissa said...

If I lived near you I would totally come and organize your classroom. I live for that stuff.

Also, do you know about this

Not quite the same as games, but cheaper. :-)

Miss Ladybug said...

The things I'd most like to have aren't things:

A teaching job, so I haven't wasted the time, money and effort I put into earning my M.Ed

Local friends to go do things with from time to time - all my friends live far away, and it's been far too long since I last saw them

A good man with whom to spend the rest of my life

I don't think these things are too much to ask for, are they?