Sunday, February 22, 2009

The end of an era

Junior has always loved his crib, but he hates to take naps. Desperate for a nap this afternoon, I put him back in his pajamas turned around backwards so that he wouldn't strip down to his nothingness instead of sleeping.

Got him tucked into bed, got into my own bed, and out he came. I cleared off his toddler bed, tucked him in there, and after a few minutes of playing he was out of the room.

He obviously didn't get the memo that he needed to stay in the crib till Gunner got home!

So instead of napping it looks like I will be boxing up toys and everything else and moving them out of the room until I can get it all straightened out. Sounds like good times I tell ya.

Abs is on her way back to the house and my mom made me chicken noodle soup that she is delivering via Abs since she refuses to come inside. Can't blame her!

Lesson plans are made, dishes were washed, laundry going, and Junior is sitting inside the ottoman watching Barney. Won't be much longer till he doesn't fit, so I better get a picture while I can.


Amanda said...

It's tough when the babies start growing up.

Sounds like you were very productive...kudos!

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for telling me to come along and have a look. Yes, we have a military connection so I can identify with the subject matter here.

As a Dad of three, I know, too, what it's like when kids are ill. Hope everyone is out of ``sick bay'' now.

Have been all the way back to the post ``Plugging Along'' and have enjoyed my first visit here.

Uncle Dan said...

We always used a big girls bed as a reward for some thing. In our two cases it came at successful potty training completion.

Teresa said...

Gosh I hope everyone is starting to feel better! I have been CRAVING chicken noodle soup and your mentioing of it made it worse haha :)

Spanish Princess said...

Sorry to hear that all is not well. I'd send my maid over to help, but I just learned I don't have a maid and must clean the house myself! Sad reality!