Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If this is my worst problem, then I shouldn't complain!

The lady that cleans my house was supposed to come this week since she didn't last week. I came home and noticed that my trash can was not overflowing. I walked in and saw my sad house that needed a vacuum, mopping job, and to be straightend up.

I checked my email and her real job called her in, and she admitted that until they got someone reliable she couldn't commit to cleaning my house anymore on a weekly basis.

I thought I would cry. I have to clean my own house? I called my friend Mel, whose maid is booked till she moves in a few days. I checked craigslist. Too scary. I thought about cleaning my house myself and about had a panic attack. Would I have time to fit that in as well as everything else?

Then I called a friend who is headed to a funeral. I don't have that to worry about. We are slowly getting well. The toilet in Ab's bathroom doesn't work well enough to overflow these days. Gunner should be home within the next two weeks if not sooner. My kids are happy (except for Em who is still dwelling on the fact that she might have to choose between a school dance and her dad coming home--I think there is a member of the opposite sex there that she might want to see, God help me). My car is fixed and it cost less than a thousand dollars, and they are letting me leave it there till I figure out a way to get it back to "The Great Place".

......As soon as I started thinking of all the "good", I went and checked the laundry and started to put it all in the dryer. That's when I realized that somehow a Junior diaper got loaded in the washer and had exploded all over the place with those annoying little beads. Of course I don't realize this till I start loading the clothes from the washer in the dryer, and I see the exploding diaper. I try to flip it out, not knowing that those little beads would land all over the clean clothes in the front of the dryer that I needed to fold. I think I am back to square 1 with the laundry.

I'll focus on the positive tomorrow, I've got too many loads of laundry ahead of me and freaking little beads EVERYWHERE to clean up. Fun!


wifeunit said...

Laundry is evil.

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived closer because I would love to come and help you out with cleaning your house and doing ALL your laundry (I have my own cleaning business)....want to fly me there??:)!! I live in Iowa:)!!

ABW said...

Fly, fly, fly! I wish I could!

Spanish Princess said...

Oh, no! If it's not one thing, it's another! I am the maid, cook, and dog-walker here, on top of being a full-time student and working full-time. I won't even pretend that its as bad as you because I won't go to jail if I get irriated and put the dog in the kennel ... the kids on the other, might land you in jail ... but they do have people who clean at the jail, so it's your call!

Teresa said...

Cleaning is evil lol.

You have one hectic life girl! :)

dutchgirl said...

Clean houses are overrated, imo. But look how casually you threw that in there: less than two weeks!?! Wouldn't it be cool if Gunner is home in time for Em's dance, then he could bring the shotgun, lol.

stormykrista said...

I washed an overnite pull-up last weekend. Overnite=double the get the picture.