Monday, February 23, 2009

Why are you naked and covered in pizza sauce?

I was on the phone with my friend Mel when I posed this question to my almost 8 year old Abs. No telling what she was thinking. Maybe she didn't want to get her clothes dirty? Whatever it was, she was sent to clean up and go to bed. Mel has no children yet (although she claims that her eggs are vibrating!) so she can't believe most of the stuff that rolls off my tongue, even after spending Thanksgiving with this motley crew.

My mom had an adventure with Abs here.

I am taking tomorrow off to run Abs to a couple of appointments. Then I will drop her off at school for a few heavenly hours of peace and quiet. I finally understand what my parents were asking for all those years.

The date for Gunner's return seems to have gone crazy. They are listing things on the website now, so that narrows it down to a few days to more than a month. Ugh.

There's still plenty to keep me busy though. I only have two personal training sessions left, and I am going to miss it. Nothing like making me accountable. I have plenty to keep me busy with the house, downsizing, sorting, and organizing, which is not my strong suit. If only I could find an aspiring interior decorator that wanted to practice on my house. Early Mr. Potato head and unfolded laundry is not becoming anymore.

I need to find new cell phones for us as well. Call me crazy, but a two year commitment on a cell phone stresses me out!

And the ESL test is in just over a month, so I need to start looking over that stuff too. My friend Mel and I were talking tonight about taking some additional certifications. She is a lot like me, and I can see us at our next interviews "Yes, I am a second year teacher and certified in 43 different subjects!". I'm definitely adding on PE though!

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Uncle Dan said...

Ke. took a test last Saturday for admission to a M-Ed program, no results yet.