Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Family Affair

My mom is back from Japan and is keeping the kids Friday night since I have class on Saturday. Good thing since I am not done with my homework yet. I am a (insert maiden name here) so procrastination is par for the course. There are so many other things I need to do!

Em had her scoliosis check last Friday at school and I got the form that says she needs to be checked further. Great.

Abs is about to drive me insane these days. If she just had a volume control and an "erase the screechy voice" button, I might survive.

Junior is doing better and is into everything again. Probably a good sign, but it wears me out.

My house will be getting cleaned tomorrow, thank goodness. I am madly run around trying to pick up a little. After two weeks, it got a little out of control in the living room.

The countdown continues...

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Uncle Dan said...

Mom to thr rescue, right?