Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just so you know...

The family with the grumpy tween, the loud 2nd grader, the unhappy 2 year old and the mom on the edge of tears at Walmart today, was us. Luckily we didn't have anything knocked off the shelves this time, although I was sure my mop wielding daughter was on the verge of it. For Gunner's homecoming, I think a trip to the store with all three kids and an extensive list of supplies is definitely in order. I know how it would work though, he would have the time of his life and the kids would be perfect!

Gunner called this morning and was able to talk to each of the kids. He heard about how many seeds were in Ab's tangerine, that Junior was watching tv, and that Em was annoyed with me--big surprise on that last one. He told them that Daddy bootcamp was going to start up again when he got home, and I could relax. Em said "Yeah right, more like daddy fun camp". She's probably right, he's not a big fierce drill sergeant.

The girls have Girl Scouts in a few minutes and I am looking forward to an hour and a half of no fighting because the girls otherwise engaged. Junior is due for a nap, my lesson plans are done, and I am going to .......clean. Hard to contain the excitement, but since my idea of the girls being involved in a gi party didn't work out, I am on to plan B which is me, mr. clean and a roll of paper towels.


Uncle Dan said...

I was just thinking, this is a great way to vent, not having your husband around much.

Just think, tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. BFD!

Just A Girl From L.A. said...

Love your Blog!!!