Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What to do...

The last time I took Abs to VBS, I was one week away from delivering Junior, in the middle of the Texas heat. To say I was miserable was an understatement. Abs lasted three days before she was asked to not come back. I really wanted to ask "What happened to turn the other cheek?" or "Judge not lest you be judged" but I didn't, since I know she was not behaving. I am so tired of people judging me and assuming I don't try and get her to behave. Most days that is all I do. So my daughter got booted from VBS, probably the only one.

Anyway, I got an email from the girls' Girl Scout leader and Abs is on her second warning. I will have to pick her up and the next time she is out of the troop.

I can't go to the meeting because it is during Junior's nap time and he has to sleep (only at home) or our lives are miserable and he screams the rest of the day. That would have been my first solution to the problem. The leader has tried separating her from her sister and the girl that she has problems with (the other girl is on her 2nd warning too), to no avail.

If Abs did get booted, she would be upset, but not enough to change her behavior. No reward systems work with her. She already goes to a counselor, she is getting her medication changed in a few weeks, and I am out of ideas.

I'd love to send Abs to camp one summer because I know she would have the time of her life. At the rate she is going, she will never make it.

There aren't other troops available, and I am not going to be a leader!

What do I do? The leader is very nice and has 4 kids of her own, and is very patient. If I had to pick Abs up early and it would work, I would do it. Em likes to go too, so I could just send her, but to be honest, I love for those two hours that they are at Girl Scouts and Junior is sleeping. I need a break! And if I picked up one, I would have to pick up two. I am already short on time, I don't have time to be driving around in circles.

I know Gunner will be home, but we already have a TDY setup and there is a school he needs to go to before then, so.......

My inlaws can't help because my MIL works that day and my FIL, well, it just won't happen.

If anyone has any sort of ideas, short of a straight-jacket, please let me know!

Maybe I should change my title to Whiny Wednesday....


NICOLE said...

I had a question...
how did Abs act when she was younger, say between the ages of one and three.
Reason being, my daughter is alot like her, and I have yet to find a doctor that will even try to treat her because shes only two.
People that know her well, and know the kind of fits she throws compare it to that of Emily Rose off of The Exorcism of Emily Rose (when she throws the outrageous fits)....not even joking. But just her whole attitude is alot like Abs from what ive read.
Any help?
Im new to the blog world, but ive been a long time follower.

Brandi said...

As I was reading (because I am a nerd that HAS to read the archives), I saw that Abs is seeing a counselor. Is that because of the ADHD, or because of the "low tone" thing? And either way, how did you tell her about the idea that she was going? I am going to be taking my Teenybop to a counselor starting in April and now really sure how to approach the issue with her, but I'm sure you of all people can understand how precocious children like ours can be ... she will ask questions, and want answers. But I don't want to give her the kind of answers that will make her feel "different" or "broken" or like she "needs to be fixed". Any ideas?