Sunday, February 1, 2009

No beer for Gunner

When Gunner called this morning I asked my non-sports loving husband if he would partake in the two beer limit during the Super Bowl.

He won't. Apparently you have to drink it while the Super Bowl is on, and you have to be off duty and have 8 hours off afterward. He won't get off duty till it's over and he has to go back to work in 12 hours. He said most people he knows won't be able to participate, but he says it's no big loss. He didn't even know who was in the Super Bowl, didn't really care, and he said he wasn't thirsty anyway. LOL

The girls and I are watching it, although we didn't even know who was in it either.

I have to admit, that having a husband that is not into sports is nice. I never have to worry that he will be glued to the tv all weekend long or on Monday nights. We don't have to go from one sport to another with him glued to the tv and me taking care of the kids. Hmmmm....maybe I need to watch sports so he can tend to the children and I can sit there and do nothing. Nah, I plan on doing that anyway for a few weeks...days.....hours....okay probably I'll make it minutes or seconds.

It's sunday night which means we are having lunchables. I did cook dinner last night and we had ham, mac & cheese, and olives. Talk about gourmet!


jlc said...

What?!?? Are you serious??? I had no idea about these rules and regulations. I'll have to ask Bumbee if he had one. Ugh.

Sunday night is always pasta night at my house. God Bless not having to make lunch. I think you'll understand that one. No one else gets why I hate doing that so much!! ;)

Uncle Dan said...

We had left over Mexican food from our lunch yesterday at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was either that or soup and make your own sandwiches.

I am a TV fanatic and watch ESPN, Food Network, Discovery Channel and History Channel. My head is so full of trivia that your Aunt always uses me as a checker when she is creating a Trivia Article.

Heidi said...

I just love your stories . . . keep plugging away and in my book you win big awards! And someday your kids will be rolling when they read all these old blog post; you are saving them right?

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! I don't miss the sports one bit! I didn't know who was playing either but I watched the last 5 minutes which was actually pretty exciting!