Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No clean house...

The lady that comes to clean my house on Wednesdays didn't come today. Apparently she got called into work. I love coming home Wednesday afternoons and having it look so nice. Guess I am on my own.

Got an email from Gunner and the commo black is over, and he had some good news. He said he could be home a week early. A week before his year mark? A week before his return date? A week from his date to arrive in Kuwait? I went to work and had this conversation:

Me: Did you hear that?
Friend: Hear what?
Me: That, can't you hear it?
Friend: Looking puzzled, really trying to figure it out, finally says What are you hearing?
Me: The sound of my husband coming home a week early.

So hopefully Gunner will call me and let me know what is going on. Like he tells me, it will be on the website for everyone to see before he probably knows. When the war first started, he called before he went into Iraq, to see what Fox News was saying about what he was going to do, because they weren't telling them anything. Sure enough, the news crews were right. Luckily Geraldo didn't draw any pictures of their location.

Em isn't feeling too great tonight. She's got the runs, and they told me Junior had a few problems at daycare. This can't be happening!

I hear a croupy Junior too.

I wonder how much I will hear if I bury my hand in the pile of laundry that I need to fold.


Uncle Dan said...

No cleaning lady, kids sick and Gunner is coming home a week earlier. How much good news can one person receive?

Abbey said...
July 2009 Sorry to add to the bad news but 5 more months???!!!

The Mrs. said...

you wont hear much if you put your head in the laundry but you'll hear even less if the kids are in a closet and your in your bed with the covers pulled up and the door shut!