Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shoot me now...

As soon as I hit post, I heard Abs throwing up. Didn't someone get the message over Thanksgiving when my friend Melinda had to take care of Junior?

I went back there, and she at least made it to the bathroom, but the lid was down. Figures. She managed to hit every other place in the room. It was bad.

I put her in the shower, banished Junior and Em to Junior's room, and started laundry, cleaned the bathroom, got Abs a barf bucket, and about tossed my own cookies.

I went through half a bottle of clorox spray, a roll of paper towels, two trash bags, and a small travel size package of clorox wipes.

Let's hope it is something that she ate.

It's days like this that I just want to run away and hide. I know The Mrs. can understand that as she is in the recovery stage. My mom won't come take care of me though!

I better go sanitize the house. Nothing says I love you like a clean bathroom to be sick in.



Susan said...

sounds like this is going around...
sorry to hear about the yuk :(

Uncle Dan said...

Wolfing down lots of GS cookies will do that to you also.

The Mrs. said...

I must say I can now catch barf with the best of them. I shall send the word to mother that she is needed! (Though I must say the only time she really cares if I get sick is when I am a vessel for a to-be grandchild! otherwise she tells me to suck it up)

hope you house is germ free soon enough!