Friday, February 20, 2009


So what's a girl supposed to do on her morning off?

I slept in for an hour, then dropped the kids off at school, then came home, got back into bed, and slept away the morning. I finally woke up when my tummy started rumbling, so I ran to Blimpie and I seriously could have come home to sleep another 4 or 5 hours. I was that tired.

Instead I headed into my training, which was good. I learned a lot, saw a lot, and will try out a lot of what I absorbed. I didn't worry about my students, my subs, or my own kids. I just relaxed. It was nice. It was back to reality at 4:30 though and I was off and running, grabbing 3 kids from 3 different locations. We hit the commissary so that we could eat again, then home for dinner and baths.

While Abs was in the bath she started reciting the Gettysburg Address. I knew one or two lines more so I taught her those too, and now she is on a mission to memorize it, so I need to get that printed out for her.

Em is feeling better, and Junior seems to be a little bit better too. After he coughed on me, and since I have forgotten to take my airborne all week, I think I am catching it. Ugh.

What's up with those guys selling magazines subscriptions for that contest door to door? Do people actually buy them. I don't even open the door for them. A few years ago, I was going out to get in the car and this guy came running towards me waving his hands and screaming. It scared me so I got in the car and locked the doors, and he started flipping me off and cussing at me and everything. Gunner was home so I called him, and he came out, and the guy was mad because I wouldn't tell him what time it was. He was selling magazine subscriptions and wanted to know if it was time to meet his ride. Gunner told him to move out and fast. The guy kept on ranting and raving. It was really weird. All I know is that if some guy is running towards me, I am not about to stick around to see what it is about!

Junior is still wearing his cape, and running up to complete strangers everywhere to let them know that he is a superhero in case there is any confusion.

My mom told me that she read somewhere that apple cider vinegar was good for skin problems. Junior was not impressed with me swiping it on his body and screamed. We'll see if it works. At this point I am willing to try anything to save his little skin.

Training tomorrow and then we are going to volunteer at the animal shelter. No worries Gunner, we will not be returning with an animal!


anita ovolina said...

Last time I volunteered at a shelter I returned with a cat... my husband still tells me about it....
But I love the cat! Did you return with one?

Casey said...

Those magazine people are weird! We had them all the time in the states. I always just assumed it was a weird scam. I wonder how people get involved? I can imagine even more people will probably start with the economic situation...

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Those magazine selling kids... ugg. They come to our door all.the.time. I didn't think that solicitations were allowed in base housing? They irritate me...

Yay for your day off!! When I read that you had planned a sub I was so glad. You deserve to have a break - and I am so happy that there were no interruptions and you were able to really relax.

Have fun at the animal shelter!


Dave said...

2 articles for you to read in your spare time -- 1 for airborne:
Unfortunately -- you have already missed the deadline to get refunds for their false claims...What is amazing to me is I still see their ads on TV and I guess their words have changed -- but it seems like they are still making similar claims without any research to back it up.

and 1 for magazine sales teams:

The summary is -- don't let your kids do it.

The Mrs. said...

ugh I hate the door to door magazine freaks. They just give me the willies.

I've never heard that about the apple cider vinegar, i cant imagine either boy would let me swab them down with it. So you have my respect.