Tuesday, February 17, 2009

People are noticing...

Now that I am almost to 20 pounds, people are starting to notice that I have lost weight. That's always a good feeling!!

I get weighed tomorrow, so we'll see what progress has been made. I didn't get to the gym today because of Ab's physical therapy, but hopefully it will all be okay.

Ab was back in fighting form today. She gave me a thumbs up this morning, took her medicine, and was off and racing. Thank goodness the lady who cleans the house is coming tomorrow. I need to know someone else cleaned it besides me to put my germaphobic mind at ease.

I got pulled over this morning. Ugh. No ticket, the MP was really nice and let me off. I'm sure Gunner is breathing a sigh of relief. I really am not a speed demon or anything, I was only going 23 in a 20 and not using my blinkers. Well and my last stop wasn't a 3 second stop. Geez. I wanted to point out to him that I just got my expired inspection stickers updated, but figured he wouldn't be as happy about that as I was.

I hear Junior hacking away....it sounds like croup. Oh the nights we spent with the girls in the er because we didn't know any better. Now Junior is propped up in his bed, has some water, some tylenol and hugs and kisses to last through the night. Em covered a pillow with a tshirt that has a picture of Gunner on it. Junior saw it, smiled, and said Daddy was sleeping with him. Melted my heart.

I mentioned to Em tonight, that she doesn't talk about her dad much anymore. She said she doesn't have to because she thinks about him all the time. We talk about him every day in the general sense, see pictures of him, talk about when he comes home what it will be like. Gone are the constant tears from the girls about him being gone. I look back at posts from the beginning, and they have come a long way. The hard part is knowing that they will have to start over from the beginning again next time. I'm sure there will be a next time.


wifeunit said...

Go you!!

I love the pillow thing...so cute! Hope he feels better soon.

And seriously, you should be really proud of yourself! You have accomplished so much and it is great to hear you getting SO LOW on the trash days remaining!!

Uncle Dan said...

Love those kids!

Amanda said...

Hi, I'm new to following your blog. I, too, am on my latest of many deployments with my man. This is his 3rd time in Iraq and will be headed to his 2nd time in Afghanistan next year some time (but he's been in the Army since 1987, so this is old hat for him). Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. Feel free to stop by my blog.

The Mrs. said...

It is bizarre how are kids are always sick at the same time. With the same thing. The youngest has croup right now. The past two nights hes up hacking and miserable. I had yet to try the whole shower steam thing, I never thought it wuold work but I was at my breaking point so I gave it a whirl. A MIRACLE! It worked like a charm, enough to get him to open enough to sleep for close to six hours. We only had to sit in the steam for about ten minutes.

If only i could figure out how to give myself a facial at the same time.

The Mrs. said...

and CONGRATS on the 20lbs hot mama!