Monday, May 3, 2010

Deployment Question #17--Things I need for deployment

While Gunner has his packing list, I always have a list of things that I need before deployment.  

Of course, I need The Book, which will have wills, POA's, insurance stuff, all the paperwork I could need.

I also need to switch my AAA membership to CO, just in case.  It gives me a little bit of security.

I'm horrible about putting numbers into my phone, but it needs to be done in case I am out and about and run into trouble.

I need to make a list of maintenance to be done on the car so that I don't miss anything.  (Actually, I usually buy a new car, but this time both of our cars are running fine (banging on wood), so I will be with two cars over 100K, and that makes me nervous--mental note to put rental car phone number in my cell).

I need to make sure that all kids are up to date on their shots and enrolled in CYS.  

A few hidden rolls of toilet paper wouldn't be bad, "just in case".  I mean, we do have three girls in this house!

I took a bike maintenance class so I can do any basic bike repairs that come up while we are out and about.  (I can't imagine I will have all the kids out since that means my series of bikes would be 12 feet long with Abs attached to my bike and Junior and Sammy in the trailer behind Abs.  I know we wouldn't get up any hills!)

I had new tires put on the car, so I will only have to rotate and balance.  Trust me, the tire store with three kids is no fun!

My GPS needs to be updated--brother dear, Gunner said you could help here!

All bills setup to automatically pay.  

Flat rate boxes need to be ordered, as well as stamps, so I have no excuses.

There's the usual cleaning and organizing that needs to be done.

I need to figure out my happy medium.  

Most of all, I need to remember that I will be just fine.

What's on your to-do list before he leaves?


MG said...

Sounds like you are ready to go! Now, you just need to spend family quality time together...and get some new family pictures! I'm always wanting new pictures before C goes!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

I just refered your blog to a friend whose husband is deploying. These posts are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are getting things organized. I always try to do family pictures before my husband deploys. And plan some special activities as a family that we can all remember fondly while he is away. Blessings!!

Mel said...

We're not married and we don't have kids. So there isn't a household to manage or things like that. His parents still deal with a lot of his financial decisions and act as his POA.

Therefore, we do a lot of quality time and photos with everyone and make our time count. That's the best we can do to "prepare."

BTW - I would be your husband in this scenario with the documenting and planning to the max. Love it.

Jessica said...

good list...I will definetly be referring to it as we are preparing

I think you just about covered everything.

We will have pictures made before hubs leaves.