Monday, May 24, 2010

I've been cooking...

Hard to believe, I know!

First Em had a friend over for dinner and instead of running out for dinner, I made this.  (Mrs. Hub's pizza dough)

The kids LOVED it.  I used the breadmaker so I didn't have to mess with anything more than throwing it together.  The dough came out perfectly.  Maybe grilled pizza is next?

After throwing in another batch of pizza dough, I made this vegan pizza.  I loved it!  Gunner, he had a hard time getting over the fact that there was no cheese on the pizza.  I bought pine nuts to add, but I forgot about them.

For breakfast yesterday I made Mrs. Hub's Morning Glory Muffins.  She said that they were moist and incredible.  She wasn't kidding.  My kids DEVOURED them.  I made 18, and Abs finished off the last 3 this morning!  If Abs gives her seal of approval, then you know they must be good.  I did substitute flax seed and water for the eggs--my new favorite substitute so that Junior can lick the batter since he's my sidekick.

Yesterday I got Abs packed for camp.  No easy feat if you had seen her room.  Em told me that she had all the clothes she needed, so I asked her to lay them out, and she has 5 pairs of shorts that fit.  I'm so glad that we leave in just a few days and will now have to run around like a crazy person trying to get her stuff to pack.

We live in housing, and while I love the house, our kitchen is the smallest tiniest that we have ever had.  There is no pantry, but there are two cabinets that are deep, that I suppose we are supposed to use.  The problem is that once something is in there, it gets pushed to the back and never found again.

I finally broke down and sent Gunner to Target (so I didn't shop there for hours) and he bought two pantries to put up.

The difference is amazing.  I can see my food duplicates of everything that I have bought over the last 10 months.

There's a deployment fair up at Gunner's work today, so Junior and I will head out there later this morning. They are supposed to have great resources.  I'm looking for one titled "How to keep your sanity on your 5th deployment with three kids, one of which is Abs, one who is a tween, and one who refuses to poop on the potty".

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Ashleigh said...

hahaha, i hope you find that booth!