Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time Flies...and Abs

You'll be happy to know that the Thunderbirds performed for AFA graduation yesterday, so I will stop posting pictures of them.  Funny thing is that all my neighbors came out each time too, so I wasn't alone.  They kept flying right over my house yesterday, but of course I didn't take my camera out till they were almost done.

After 4 days of Thunderbirds, Junior preferred playing in the dirt.
I love the Thunderbirds.

Yesterday, I took Junior to a speech evaluation.  He qualifies.  Basically because he was a late talker, his tongue thrust is not strong, so he can't make certain sounds.  (I'm sure there is a more technical way to explain this)  This problem would not have improved with age, so at least I did the right thing.  It's a relatively easy fix compared to most, so we have some home exercises, and then when we return to CO after our summer travels, he'll start speech therapy.  They said it should only take 8-12 weeks to get him up to speed.  On the bright side, they were amazed at his vocabulary.  

While I was taking care of Junior, Gunner had to take Abs to the airport so that she could fly to her Grandma.  As with all things Abs, it wasn't easy.  First, Gunner had to drag her away from the tv because Abs wanted to stay and watch the "100th Anniversary of the Bra" on the Today show.  When he finally convinced her that she wouldn't be missing much, they hit the road.  

They arrived at the airport in time to go through security and do all that fun stuff.  Gunner wanted to feed her before she flew, so he stopped off at a restaurant inside the terminal to order lunch.  He placed his order for the two of them, got out his wallet to pay, and the manager handed him a receipt and told him their meal was on him, and thanked him for his service.  

He got lots of handshakes, pats on the back, and nice comments from the other people in the terminal.  A nice change from the protesters that were outside of the Academy to demonstrate for the graduation exercises that morning.

While they were waiting, the sirens sounded, and a tornado watch went into effect.  They evacuated everyone to the hallways and stairwells for over an hour, while they watched the swirling clouds and waited.

Abs went into her stressed out mode.  She started telling everyone that she was on her way to her Grandma's, and she was worried her Grandma would not be waiting on her.  Gunner assured her that Grandma would not leave her at the airport, but she still hunkered down.  
After my mom ventured to the airport, returned home, and then returned to the airport, she was finally met with a super-excited Abs who had made friends with everyone sitting around her, got promised a million dollars from the flight attendant if he won the lottery, and saved her airplane snacks for her Grandma, just like Grandma does for her.

She settled in, and apparently slept all night.  Not fair!

Tomorrow we leave for Texas, but I have 24 million things to do in the next 24 hours.  First stop, the gym.

Don't forget Camp Purple forms are due soon!
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Mary Madeline said...

Have a good time while you are here in Texas!!! The weather is nice and HOT!!!

Heidi said...

I would love to be on a flight with Abs . . . can you imagine the things she tells the others? Glad she made it safe and safe travels for the rest of you! It is SO hot in Tejas right now . . . I don't remember it being this hot so early so pack light! Maybe Junior won't need those clothes after all, LOL.

The Mrs. said...

im with heidi I wanna fly with Abs!

and as for the thunderbirds, the Blue Angels are far superior. After all... real men don't wear Gsuits...