Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Views from Our House

I love the location of our house.  

Junior and I spent the afternoon outside because the Thunderbirds were practicing.  He dressed himself today, who really cares if its backwards.  

A view of Pikes Peak from our yard.
Thunderbirds over our roof.
Another Thunderbirds practice run.  They have been practicing since Sunday, and perform tomorrow for the Academy's graduation.
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Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Wow, what awesome views you had today!

BTW, I have an "almost 4 year-old" who insists on dressing herself. Her clothes almost never match, but at least she's happy.

Just a Girl said...

You have an amazing view, I'm jealous!

cj said...

How incredible is that? I'm with Just a Girl - jealous as all get out!


Kelli said...

WOW what an awesome view!! And awesome that you got to watch them practice!! My DH would be so jealous if he saw those pics ;-)