Monday, May 24, 2010

When you give a mom a magic eraser...

I received this not too long ago.  

I finally had a chance to break it out when Junior colored all over himself....and his wall.

(Well, the magic eraser was not for Junior, but if you can see what he looks like, you can imagine what his wall looked like.)

I ran off to get my magic eraser, and scrubbed his wall.  Super easy, get it wet, wring it out, and scrub.  All the marker came off the wall.  I cannot say the thing about Junior.

Of course after I had opened the package, I was a mom on a mission.

I stopped off in the bathroom and removed the lipstick lines that Abs had drawn.  This led to me scrubbing the tub after bathing dirty kids that night.  (Have you read the book If you give a mouse a cookie?)

The dirty tub led to me checking out the baseboards, which reminded me that I needed to get the backdoor where Sammy had put his muddy paws on the door frame when he was a mess.

While doing the back door, I noticed that Gunner had not cleaned up dinner (homemade pizza, yum!), so I ran over there and scrubbed down the stove with the magic eraser.

By this time, my magic eraser is half gone.  I decide to use it on the front door, a couple of wall spots, and then I was tired and done cleaning.

My complaint about the magic eraser?  (Cause there has to be one!)  I don't like all the little pieces of the eraser that come off the product, that I then have to clean up.  

I was also sent disinfecting bathroom cleaner, which when used with the magic eraser took off all the mud left behind after this fiasco.  

It came in a lavender scent, which is the new scent that I try to be in everything.  (Did you know lavender relaxes you?  They have me bathe Abs in lavender essential oils, so maybe I am secretly hoping that she will sleep longer if I clean with lavender scents?  Hey, I have not slept well in 9 years, I am willing to try anything!)

Another product that I was sent, was Mr. Clean with febreze (citrus & light).  Did I mention I am germaphobic?  I use this to clean the trashcan since it makes it smell good, also because Junior thinks that it is necessary to put his hands all over the trashcan and I get grossed out.  Is it a boy thing?

MS&L provided these products to me free of charge, for review, and would now like to send you a set of magic erasers.  Seriously, these things are the bomb.  I am hoping it keeps me (and now you!) off this website!  

So, just leave a comment and tell me about your messiest of messes if you want!  (Trust me, I'll understand!)

The winner will be chosen Wednesday, before I head out to Texas!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

That's so funny!

Birdie Woods said...

That magic eraser sounds great! My Fiance is fixing up an old muscle car and is always getting grease and oil all over EVERYTHING. The doors, the knobs, light switches, my cell phone, tv remote once, the fridge door etc.. I usually use a dish cloth and toss it ha

Mel said...

I LOVE the Magic Eraser - I use it for the tub and tile in the bathroom and find it just spectacular!

As far as messes, I am still sans kids and sans pets, so I am low on the messes (and the stories that accompany them).

David said...

Lavender and tea tree products cause breast enlargement in men. Not sure about scents, but it is definitely true with shampoos, oils, etc.