Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ramblings Again

I know I need to announce the winners from the giveaway, which I will do tomorrow after I drag Junior and Abs to OT.

One last chance to enter here!

After Abs was sick yesterday, I was at the gym working out, in the middle of my run, and my phone rings.  It was a sick Em.  I grab Junior and go running up to her school to grab her.

I get her home and put her to bed and within minutes she was miraculously cured and wanted to watch tv and have food.  I gave her bread, water, and told her we needed to wait to see if she was going to get sick like she though just minutes earlier at school.

We waited, no sickness, so I offered to make chicken noodle soup.  She wanted something substantial.  Then she wanted the brownies I made.

I kept sending her back to her room.  She decided it would have been more fun to be at school.  Mission accomplished.

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Dawna said...

LOL It's a miracle! I'm glad to hear that she's not sick, though... :-)

I also wanted to drop by with an award for you, which can be found HERE. :-)