Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things I wonder about...

Why am I more productive with children home?

Why can't the Army decide on a deployment date and stick with it.  It's later, then sooner, then later, now sooner again.  Make a decision and stick with it.  

Why can't Abs have a great day at school and at home?  Is that too much to ask?

Why did the Air Force (or is it all military) decide that when you take your dog to the vet it costs a $25 set appointment fee.  She got paid $5 a minute to see Sammy in addition to the shot, flea stuff, etc.  I mean, I understand it, but I'm thinking it's not as cheap to take him on base anymore.

Why didn't I think to call the groomer first before calling a million dog kennels.  I found a great place and Sammy has to go for an admissions test on Monday.  I hope he passes.  Thanks E!

Why does the Residence Inn have to charge a $50 non refundable pet fee when I will only be there about 12 hours.  

What did I do with the preschool paperwork for Junior?

I now know that the "silly clown cup" that Junior likes is the one with the red hair.  Apparently I should have known that already.

........After swimming Sunday, running Monday, and spin class today, I decided that I needed to do something more.  I've been wanting to do a half marathon, so Gunner and I are signed up to do one in a week and a half!  Then 6 days later I'll run a 10K with the Dutchican.  8 days after that I'll do my Olympic Tri, and call it good for a week.

Although I did see a night time half marathon in Austin that sounded like fun!  It would almost have to be that late in order to not melt out there.

Tomorrow there's a PEO meeting, speech referral for Junior, and I've managed to cram in dental appointments and haircuts in the next few weeks as well.

I think my gray hair is multiplying.  Do you color your hair?  Is it worth it?  How often do you have to keep up with it?  I hate to have another expense, but I hate gray hair.

Two weeks from today we finally get to see the neurologist for Abs.  I hope that they schedule her EEG ASAP.

I'm back to doing P90X now that Gunner is home.  We did day 1 last night and he is so sore.  Me too, but not nearly as bad as him.  I think we need heavier weights.

Do you have big plans for Mother's Day?


Wife of a Sailor said...

La Quinta if you have one close... NO PET FEE and no pet restrictions on size.

And I hear you on the back and forth. I'm still waiting to hear if I'll be sent active duty to a ship IN 13 DAYS! Ugh, hate it!

Mel said...

I don't know anything about children or pets - sadly I lack both in my life.

I colored my hair once. It was a disaster really. I've never done it since, nor will I (although I could change my mind if I start going grey.)

BTW - I'm thoroughly impressed with your dedication to training and running. Rub some of that on me please...

Anonymous said...

I am more productive with the Princess home too. But if hubs is home I am so lazy! It is absolutely ridiculous! I already know for the month he is at NTC I will most likely get the 3rd room/baby room cleaned out and the garage at least started on if not finished.

cj said...

So, seems to me with kids underfoot (nieces in my case) you have to be more productive because they're on a schedule, sort of.

My niece, when once asked why she was so good in school and so crabby and bad at home said it was because she used up all her niceness trying to be good at school. Hard to argue with that, in a way.

My take on the hair thing - do it if it matters to you or to Gunner. If it makes you feel better to hide the gray, then it's worth it and you should go for it. It is expensive, however, and you usually have to have it done every couple of months, depending on how your hair grows. I did it for several years but now? I've earned 'em, dang it! Remember, I'm also 50.

Last thing - fees for office calls on the pets has been pretty standard for years, unless you're talking about something else. I think it's like $30 just to bring you pet in the door at the place I take mine to.

And the deployment issues just flat out suck.


dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to color my hair soon, too. I've never done anything except highlights before. It wouldn't be so bad except the gray ones I have are so wiry that they stick up. UGH.

I'm with you on the post vet, I swear it didn't used to be so expensive. And the Carson one is a total PITA, they won't see you if you have any sort of problem at all. I pretty much only use them to buy the heartworm meds, now.