Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What has the world come to????

I went to a PEO meeting for the group that I am going to join.  They're really nice, and the home today was just beautiful.  Always hard to come home to military housing after being in their homes! I really need a friend that wants to become an interior designer and wants to practice on my house.

If you have kids, what kind of couch do you have?  I'm contemplating a leather one, but not sure if it will be any better than the material which seems to have gotten dirty since we moved to Colorado.  What's up with that?  I have leather seats in the car, but they are a light gray, and material fared better than the leather has.  I'm open to recommendations!

I came home and then took Junior to the doctor for a speech referral.  We should have the referral in our hot little hands in less than two weeks.

While waiting, Ab's school called and said that she had thrown up and needed to be picked up.  I immediately thought of my dental appointment tomorrow and called them to cancel.

Me:  I have a barfy kid and I need to cancel my appointment tomorrow at 3:30.  (This was just over 24 hours notice)
Office:  We require 48 hours notice.
Me:  Ummm.....okay, but I am giving 24 hours notice since I have a sick kid, and I didn't really plan for her to be barfy.
Office:  We have a 48 hour notice, and you aren't giving us that, so there will be a $35 charge.
Me:  Are you kidding me?
Office:  Sorry, it's our policy.
Me:  I'm not paying $35 because my child is throwing up.
Office.  Sorry, it's our policy.

By this time I was annoyed pissed off, so I told them that I was at the clinic with another child, and I would have to call back and maybe they could talk to the dentist in the meantime.

I go pick up Junior's prescription and run over to the school to get Abs.  I asked the school for a plastic bag (since I wasn't at home when they called) and they looked at me like I was rude.  Sorry people, if you give me a barfy kid, you can give me a plastic bag for the car ride home.  Surely it doesn't cost that much!

I get Abs home and Junior occupied so I can start cleaning the bathrooms.  We all know that nothing says I love you like a clean bathroom.

But first, I have to call back the dentist office because I am just stewing about this.

Me:  Hi, I'm calling back about the fact that I have a barfy kid and you want to charge me $35 for not coming to the appointment.
Office:  Like I explained, that's our policy, we are tired of people canceling their appointments and we are left sitting.
Me:  I understand that, but I have a child that is throwing up today.  That means that more than likely the rest of us will get it, and I have to stay home and take care of my children, they are too young to be left alone.  Not to mention I could infect the whole office.  (Seriously if you have met Abs, she touches everything and investigates everything--did I tell you the story about her sucking on the bathroom lock at the outlet mall?  I want to barf myself.)
Office:  I know what it is like to have sick kids.
Me:  Well if you won't budge, I have to tell you that I will come to my appointment tomorrow, with my sick kid(s) in tow.
Office:  If they are sick, you can't bring them here!
Me:  Well, I am not paying $35, so we can either plan for you to have a space for my barfy kids with me, or we can reschedule.
Office:  Why don't we reschedule.

Are you kidding me??????  I totally get that people cancel appointments and it costs them money, but I have not done that, and I really don't want to infect the world with Abs germs if possible.

I'm off to clean the toilets, wash towels, and prepare the sick diet.


Charity said...

Oh my word, I would have been livid! Hope shes starts feeling better soon and that she keeps her germs to herself this time and doesn't infect the entire household.

Mrs. Bierschenk said...

Bahaha, I'm just rude enough I would have told her the first time: Fine I'm bringing my sick child to throw up in your office.

Let's face it, that's crazy. It was circumstances beyond your control and she needed to be a little more understanding.

We have an untreated leather couch, don't go that route. Every single damp spot shows and it's difficult to clean. The treated shiney leather couches, much easier to clean but they have to be conditioned every so often so they stay shiney and easy to clean.

My sister has 3 boys, she went with a micro-fiber or micro-suede material, it's very easy to clean and stays pretty clean too. It's a cream color so dirty would show if it got too dirty. Apparently they can be treated with some sort of scotch gaurd something so when liquid hits it will just bead up.

Sorry for the novel :) good luck!

Courtney said...

We have 3 messy kids and 2 dogs... leather is our best friend! Treated leather is much easier to clean, but ours is untreated/distressed leather. It wipes down easily and still looks great. The distressed part is nice cause claw and finger nail scartches blend right in! It also matches anything!
Too bad the dentists office was not accomodating!

To the Nth said...

Good on you for sticking to your guns! I'm glad the office eventually saw the light when you presented it in such glaringly obvious terms.

Sarah said...

I cannot believe that!!! Oh my gosh, people are so ridiculous! How hard was it to just reschedule in the first place?! I would have been ticked off too.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh no, I'm sorry she's sick. I can't believe they were going to still charge you even though you were giving them at least 24 hour notice! I'm glad they finally heard you and rescheduled!

Abbey said...

That's craziness that they would give you hell about a sick kid!

I hope that Abbie feels better and that y'all don't get it! You just signed up for that race with Chris in a few days, right? Did they figure out what was wrong with Jr? You have had a really busy day today!! You definetly need some wine tonight. :)

Mel said...

You handled that better than I would have. I probably would have flipped out the first time around.

Hope Abs gets better quickly!

Jessica said...

geeezzz that is just terrible!

hope everyone stays well =)

Army Duck said...

I can't believe that!! How ridiculous!

Ashley said...

What a lame policy!
Way to stick to your guns though...I hope barfy is better soon :)

cj said...

What's really irritating is when you stop and consider they're usually double booked on most appointments to begin with.

Hope Abs feels much better soon!


MRS Jen McNeil said...

Im sorry Abs is sick! Not fun...specially when its throw up kinda sick! I cannot believe your dental office. Thats CRAZY! Im glad you told them you were going to bring them in too LOL! Hope she feels better soon!

Purposeful Inspiration said...

I am new to Blogger, but I love your posts! I am so sorry about the dentist. That is so rude. I don't have children but if I did and that happened to me, I would have brought them and let the office have to clean up the Barf. LOL Glad you got your resolution, but I agree, my blood would have been boiling too!