Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another day, another referral

I had my planning day today, so I am sitting in the conference room when an email with the subject line "Discipline Referral" came through. I cringed.

It said:
I’m writing to inform you that Abs was witnessed fighting with another student at lunch. After investigating I was forced to write both of the students up. I just wanted to inform you so that you would not be surprised if and when the office calls.
I emailed back to see what happened. I got this:

Apparently, (I had to do some investigating) Abs spilled pickle juice on another girls lunch bag. On purpose or on accident... I don’t know. The other student wanted to get the pickle juice off her bag (was she mad? I don’t know) so she spilled it on Abigail's jacket. According to witnesses Abigail started crying and threw a lunch bag at the other girl. I don’t know who hit first because no one saw it, and of course Abigail says that she didn’t hit... But other students did see both girls hitting each other. Neither student tried to tell the aid what was going on.

I don’t blame either girl for getting mad, but I am unhappy that neither one of them made the right choice.

I think I’m going to have to eat lunch with my kids or assign seats or something... This is getting ridiculous.
Then the office called. 1/2 day of ISS. Last time she loved going because she was the only one in there and the lady sat there and helped Abs do all of her work. So while talking to the principal, I ask to speak to Abs. We go over how I am not happy and then had this conversation:

Abs: What’s all that noise, where are you?
Me: In the office because I had to get a call from your principal
Abs: I’m in the office too! (said with great enthusiasm because we are in the same place)
Me: I know, I am not happy about that.
Abs: What’s going on in your office?
Me: We are not here to compare and contrast what is going on in our offices.
Abs: Oh, okay, well I love you. (she was disappointed that I didn't want to trade notes with her)

I wonder what Gunner did when he was little that made him deserve a child like this! I love her anyway.


Uncle Dan said...

There was a little girl named Abs. when she was good , she was very-very good, but when she was bad .... that's another cute story.

lala said...

well if someone purposely spilled pickle juice on my jacket, i would smack her. abs was just defending her property (we'll pretend she wasn't the antogonist). :) :)

armywife said...

ok i know that your not supposed to encourage fighting but this was funny!!

seriously she says some of the funniest stuff!

Teresa said...

Aww I know it shouldnt be funny but it is. Sweet little girl :)

kbug said...

I gotta tell ya...I am so glad my boys' school days are in the past. I think my blood pressure went down 50 notches the day the last one graduated..... :) Hang in there, mom.

cj said...

The way I see it, it's not what Gunner did to have a child like Abs... it's how Abs got so lucky to wind up with parents like you and Gunner.