Monday, January 12, 2009

Run, Run, Run

It took an hour to get into the daycare at the gym today. All these people that have resolutions need to get out of my way! By the time I finally got to a treadmill, I had battled Junior and Abs for that hour and was ready to burn off some something.

I ran. I did the stairmaster. I worked my abs. I felt guilty and went and got the kiddos who were less than thrilled to see me. Apparently I ruin their "good time" at the gym. Never mind that we needed to get them fed and into bed. The kids had a delicious dinner of cheerios and corn chex--with milk! We followed up with frozen gogurts. Now they are tucked into bed and I can clean, get ready for tomorrow, do some exercises, and contemplate cleaning out the car.

--I think Junior ate something fluorescent green (maybe a crayon?) because his diapers have been "glowing" that color. Better than the acorn he left me one time.

--Abs is fixated on selling those drippy cards for her school that cost $10 a piece and you get local discounts. I refuse to let her sell them in order to earn stuff that we can buy at the dollar store. Apparently if you sell 15 of these cards you get a limo ride to a pizza lunch at Cici's. She described in great detail how the dollar store does not sell limo rides. I've never been in a limo either.

--I took away Ab's lightbulbs so that she would sleep at night. I just wrestled a flashlight away from her. She hit her head on a chair coming out to go to the bathroom and stepped on a lego going back in. She asked for a lantern. Wonder if an outhouse is next on the list.

--Em is so responsible, with occasional streaks of being an 11 year old. Had a meeting with her teacher after school today. Apparently she had her glasses on her desk last week, but never wore them. I asked her about it today and she told me that she didn't like them anymore. They are cute on her! I'll have to take a look and see how they checkout since it has been a while. Maybe it is time for a new prescription.

--I always write these posts and never post them till the next day.

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Anonymous said...

That could be the name of your book (can you tell I'm in publishing mode?)

"Glowing Diapers and other Surprises of Parenthood"

"The Adventures of Green Poo in the Hundred Acre Ft Hood"

I better stop while I'm ahead and outside of swatting distance.