Friday, January 8, 2010

730 in 365

Amy over at The Finer Things in Life is having a challenge to get rid of clutter.

I attract clutter.

I can't part with anything because I have the unfortunate sometimes amazing ability to remember the stories behind it.

Isn't it genetic?  It has to be.  My brother was here and walked into my basement over Christmas and told me I was just like our mother.  Seriously?

I can think of worse things to be, but I do save everything.  I have a ton of books.  Tons of toys.  Tons of stuff I don't use, so I am going to take Amy's challenge to eliminate 760 things in 365 days.

Can I do it?  I hope so.
It's only two things per day.  Do I really need to keep stuff just because so and so gave it to me?  Okay, honestly, it depends on who that so and so is. 

How hard can it be to get rid of two things a day?  (Might help if I stop bringing stuff in the house too, but that's a whole other issue.)

So, if it doesn't make me happy, doesn't serve a use, isn't functional, it is gone.

Don't worry mom, I won't get rid of anything too sentimental and if I find anything really good, I'll save my crap I mean treasures for you.  (Don't worry, my sisters and mom and I get together and call it the great "crap" exchange.  See, it has to be hereditary!)


Anonymous said...

I thought I got rid of stuff when we moved but yet there are still boxes sitting in the garage and spare room full of stuff that we are not using and we probably won't use. I tend to remember stories about stuff too. And then it seems like I get rid of stuff and then want to go get it back because I didn't mean to get rid of it!

cj said...

Oh, good luck with that! I've been meaning to do a book purge for a couple of years now. I'll let you know if I ever manage it!


Uncle Dan said...

Most of our garage is full of boxes of stuff from past Architectural Projects, as well is camping gear. Now ME has closets and drawers full of jackets, sweaters and keeps buying black sox, (probably 3 or more drawers full).

Jessa said...

Since we are moving I've been getting rid of as much as possible and right now I have four boxes ready for Goodwill. That doesn't include the bags of stuff I've thrown out that I'd "saved" for whatever reason. Good luck with your challenge!

Spanish Princess said...

We have tons of stuff that we are still going through too. We get rid of a lot when I am unpacking from a move, but this time we didn't have time to sort through my FILs stuff after he passed away because we moved so soon. Now my hubby is having trouble going through stuff for long (and I don't blame him.) We'll get through it but it can be daunting.