Monday, January 4, 2010


Found the best deal on the baseplates.  Best to go direct sometimes.

Left the kitchen for a second and Junior wandered in there and started mouthing raw porkchops.  We washed his mouth out with soap and are hoping for the best.

Abs was playing wii fit and I looked over at her, and she was doing the running portion by lying on the couch and shaking the wii remote really fast.  The wii fit can really help with her balance problems and core muscles--if done correctly. 

Sammy is getting groomed on Friday.  He's looking like a hairy beast.  I love the way he smells after he is groomed.

The dog threw up.  Fun times in the Gunner household!

Our hot water heater has to be the size of a small thermos.  It's getting old.

I will never be completely caught up with laundry in my entire life.  Ever.

Gunner and I are hitting the gym together tomorrow.  He hates to go with me because he says I am too competitive.  Whatever.!

Tonight I juiced carrots, part of a beet, part of a cucumber and some carrots.  I liked it.  Gunner couldn't get past the beet.

Just a few more days that the kids are home from school.  I can hardly wait.

I really hate when doctors cancel appointments.

Gunner will deploy this year.....he can't leave unless the basement is cleaned out.

I bought a pile of books today.  I'm addicted to military memoirs, books on the Middle East and women who live there, and finding Magic School Bus books for Junior.  Abs is into Animorphs, and Em is into....Twilight, what else.

I started reading Twilight.  I know there are a lot of people who love it, and a lot that hate it.  I'm afraid I am falling in love with the story.  I love how descriptive she is.  Last night our power went out and Gunner and I sat in bed reading....until the lantern went out.  Then we had no choice but to sleep.  It's the first time I have been to bed by 10 in forever.

A picture of my SIL Tia teaching Junior to ski.  My sister Kr took this photo.


Wiley said...

I love reading books on the Middle East. For years, that was all I read. I literally have one whole floor to ceiling bookshelf solely dedicated to my ME books.
I am such a dork.

Wife of a Sailor said...

You make me tired reading this!

And I love books on the Middle East, too. Have you read Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Prison by Malika Oufkir? If not, it's a MUST read. Great book.

dutchgirl said...

My dh ate raw pork recently (he should know better than to just start munching on something on the cutting board) and lived to tell about it, so I'll bet Jr. will be just fine.

Beet juice, yum! My family won't touch them, and I love me some pickled beets.