Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2

I am trying to kick my diet coke habit.  I was going to do it a long time ago, but sometimes I just need that pick me up.  I also drink too many monsters, so that's going to the wayside as well.  I'm trying!

Gunner and I hit the gym this morning, and he doesn't like me training him.  Can you imagine????  Maybe I am a LITTLE intense.  Just maybe though.

My gigantic blister prevented me from running, but I did hit the stair climber and did core and legs.  I also hired a trainer for Gunner while we were there.  He really wanted one, and the price at the Y is dirt cheap.

We've decided where we are going to visit this weekend, after my sister and my mom and nephews stumbled across it on their trek back to Texas. 

I hear music blaring from the basement, and since it is not Justin Beiber, I assume Gunner is working on the basement, which is where I should be. 

Yesterday Gunner and I stopped in this health food store that I keep meaning to checkout.  I have been doing a lot of reading about the benefits of a gluetin/casein free diet for children with ADHD.  I've started stocking up on things that I will need to make the conversion, and Abs knows that it is coming.  I bought a package of gluetin free/casein free/egg free/everything free package of cookies to try.  I showed them to Abs and her response was "sounds like taste free to me". 

This morning we didn't hear her get up, but we did find the entire package emptied except for 4 lonely cookies.  Gunner caught her before she managed to shovel those in as well.  Guess they weren't so taste free after all.


Uncle Dan said...

How about "Royal Gorge?" OK, a hot spring someplace? OK, I give up, where?

Wife of a Sailor said...

I've heard positive things about that diet for ADHD kids as well. Hope it helps!

Funny, though, that she was sneaking the cookies!