Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Musings

I hit the gym this morning and ran 3 miles, worked my abs, and my arms.  Tomorrow is legs day and a run or a ride, but I have a massive blister on my foot since I mistakenly wore my old running shoes instead of my new ones.  Never run in old shoes!  Maybe if I didn't continue to buy the same style, color, etc., it wouldn't be a problem.  I am a creature of habit.

I wanted to get a lego table for Abs and Andrew, since that is what they do all the time.  I decided to make one using a coffee table.  IKEA would have made my life easier.  So I sent Gunner out to the thrift store, and he stumbled on a new kitchen table for us in GREAT condition--our old one was half dead.  He brought that home and we decided to make our old table into the lego table.

Then my brother sent me a link to one made out of PVC pipe.  Looked much easier, but then I would be stuck with all these tables, and since I can't seem to purge anything (thanks mom!) we continued on our current path.  (Hint--Go for the PVC pipe one!)  So then we needed to find baseplates to nail glue to the table.  We can't find them.  The ones online are outrageously expensive.  I am a bargain shopper, so I will continue looking.  We actually have quite a few already, but not enough to do the table, so we will figure something out.

I did the wii fit, and it was so nice to remind me that it was 244 days since I last worked out.  It still groaned when I stepped on the board, and I got a little miffed, but then it did it when Abs hopped on, and I felt better since Abs is a little thing.

I actually remembered to take Abs to PT today.  We have missed twice, and are in danger of being dropped if we miss again.  I'm thinking about moving her to the location where she has OT so I have fewer things to remember.

Gunner actually took Abs to PT today and will take her tomorrow.  (I'm sure he'll find out by reading the blog!  Hi sweetie, thanks for taking her!)

I've been considering Crossfit after getting an email from Andrea

I did nothing productive today.

I really should cook dinner.

I leave you with a picture of this....I love Aspen trees....

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Sarah said...

Oooh, that is pretty!

I feel you about not doing anything today...I didn't even hit the gym. =(