Thursday, January 7, 2010

No more boxes

Gunner made boxed mac and cheese for Abs yesterday that was gluten free.  I couldn't even eat it, it was so horrible.

So I bought some gluten free noodles and some soy cheese and we will try it that way.  Maybe it is just the noodles?  Is there something else to use in place of noodles?

I bought the book The Kid Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook at the recommendation of her OT.  Tonight we are having meatloaf with veggie puree from our juicer.

Since we are just getting into this, I am realizing how much I don't know, and how much "crap" we have that she can't eat.  At least not yet.  Her OT, her pediatrician and her psychiatrist all said to get her going on this diet and then we'll add a few things back in and see how it goes from there.

Maybe it will make no difference.  Maybe all the difference in the world?  Even soy is controversial, but her doctor said to leave that in for now since we know she will eat cheese.  She ate chicken last night which is a first in a long time. 

Anyone have any good recipes?

We're off to hit the pool and the hot tub!


Gypsy at heart said...

It does sound like a lot of work, but just think of the saving in time and effort if it does work. I have tried the gluten free diet and don't like it. Guess you just have to get used to it. Do the transparent Asian noodles have gluten?

The Mrs. said...

good luck at some point itwill become second nature... i hope!

Allison said...

I hear you can use butternut squash as noodles. I'd google that, though, I don't know all the details. makes a lot of gluten and wheat free meals or at least lists the substitutions to make a meal gluten and wheat free.

Good luck. I hope her new diet helps.

dutchgirl said...

There's a guy who just started a food blog, and it's all gluten free (I happen to read his partner's blog and that's how I stumbled upon it, we haven't had to try going without gluten). The recipes do look good, it's

Other than that, all I know about not using gluten is that you can substitute spelt flour for regular when you make things. But I'm sure that's not much help! I really hope you guys will see some results right away, otherwise it would be so hard to maintain that type of diet. Good luck!

kd said...

my nephews both have tons of food allergies and my sister-in-law uses this cookbook:

I know Abs doesn't have allergies, but my SIL swears by it. She says the recipes are kid friendly and they actually taste good.

I wish you lots of luck! I have a hard enough time changing my own diet...

Sara said...

As far as gluten free goes, the paleo diet does a ton of glueten free cooking because we don't eat grains, sugars or dairy. If you're interested, I'll talk to my trainers about the best paleo cooking websites to to. A lot of it involves almond flour, and using peeled veggies for noodles.

Mrs. Bierschenk said...

So my nephews have struggled with celiacs (gluten aversions) what brand of the mac and cheese did you get? That seems to be the key, no joke. They LOVE annie's brand ( I think that's the name of it from what I remember it has a bunny on the front) and it's rice noodles. We were in Target today, not even super target just regular, and they have a whole section for gluten free. Also ask the commisary people, I get stuff from my sister there allll the time, everything from mac and cheese to cupcake mix. They have a lot of stuff in the freezer section sometimes.The other thing, "certified organics" for the most part are completely gluten free. (after the thanksgiving Turkey we have been educated haha)