Friday, June 18, 2010

Air & Space Museum

Erin told me about the Air & Space Museum at Peterson AFB, and since my nephew is in town, we headed over there to check it out.  (Plus after taking 4 kids to Em's orthodontist appointment I needed somewhere for them to be outside & it's free!)

We bypassed the museum so that we could checkout the planes first.  The kids loved it.

Junior just liked to lie under the wings of the planes and sing songs about them.

When we got back into the museum, the kids looked around for a bit, and then the docent put on a Magic School Bus video on flight so that I could look around more.  The docent was so knowledgeable, I could have talked to him all day.  I was the only one walking around for a good half hour, so I got a private tour and heard all his stories about people, planes, and military history.  By the time the movie was over, people showed up to tour, and my private tour was over, so we headed home.  If you have boys (or an Abs), this is a great place to visit!
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Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like it was a great day to head over there!

Wife of a Sailor said...

I used to work at an air museum before I moved to Washington. LOOOOVE them!