Thursday, June 17, 2010

She's Baaaaccccckkkkkk

Abs flew in on Tuesday.  She hit the ground running.  I went the entire time in Texas without coffee, but now I am having to down a pot each morning in order to keep up.

Last night Gunner and I had just settled down to go to sleep.  I was almost to the point where I was passed out.

I hear a crash.  

Gunner gets up and finds Abs awake and getting into things.  He sends her back to bed, because it wasn't even midnight yet.

We get to sleep, but Gunner had to be up at 3 this morning to send some Soldiers off to school.  He wakes up to find Abs awake.  (I'm sure the minute we fell asleep that she was up and wandering around, just being quieter this time.)

He sends her back to sleep.  I woke up this morning when my cell phone rang.  Abs was calling me to see if I was awake.  I started to panic thinking that she was calling other people, so I dragged my tired self out of bed.

Put on a pot of coffee, dragged Abs off the wii, and gave her her medicine.  

Found an egg in the sink.  An egg?  No clue.

Booted up the computer, and turned on the Today show.  Heard Abs knocking on doors trying to sell Sammy to unsuspecting sleeping siblings/cousin.  

Put the dog outside.

Made first cup of coffee.  Heard a crash.  Went around corner to find Abs into my teaching books (which is fine), but she had knocked off half a shelf (how?) and was sitting in the dog bed (yuck) and moving the books around with her feet to see if she could teach her feet to be as strong and as independent as her hands.

I told her she could practice with her own things in her own room and to use her independent hands to clean up the mess.

Mess cleaned up, Abs is in room.  Finally sit down with coffee to check email, blogs, and I hear footsteps running through the house.  I go to Abs room to find that she has swiped permanent markers to "color" with.  I confiscate, she balks, assuring me she will keep it on paper and nothing else.  She hands them over.

Surprisingly Junior is still asleep through all of this.  

It's only 8.  How many more hours till bedtime?


S said...

oh geeez. You got your hands full. At least my son stays in his room when he's up at night and I'm sleeping. I'm sure you guys tried a lot but did you try the Melantonin? It didn't work for us but heard that it works for some other kids.

DB said...

Put her on a plane to Russia.